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Rebel Time Radio – January 22, 2020

Stiff Little Fingers – Hope Street The World/Inferno Friendship Society – Freedom Is A Wilderness For You And Me Urban Vietcong – Il Mio Paradiso Il Mio Inferno Section 4 – Sick And Tired Territories – The Lockdown The Fallout – Red Light Union Fea – Poor Little Rich Girl Spectres – Northern Towns Subhumans … Continue reading Rebel Time Radio – January 22, 2020 →

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 22: Flight Shaming, Political Contributions, and Donuts

The opening monologue (0:56); Canadians criticize Trudeau after visit to Oh Doughnuts bakery in Winnipeg (21:46); Political parties enjoy public subsidies but they act like private clubs (43:23); What's on Wednesday! (1:05:58); New 'flight shaming' and 'train bragging' trends are making waves thanks to Greta Thunberg (1:48:09)

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 21: GRT Bus Strike, Gender Pay Gaps, and Homelessness

The opening monologue (0:56); GRT Drivers begin strike action (21:48); Waterloo rideshare test shows the challenge of getting people out of their cars (43:52); Ontario farmers are fighting for mental-health support (1:06:10); How can the Region of Waterloo combat chronic homelessness? (1:28:16); Pay gap between men and women starts right out of the gate for college, university grads (1:49:22)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

For The Wild: An Anthology of the Anthropocene

At For The Wild, we discuss the critical ideas of our time and parlay them into action for the defense and regeneration of natural communities. Key topics include the rediscovery of wild nature, ecological renewal and resistance, and healing from the trauma of individualistic society. We will travel deep into ancient forests, align with the … Continue reading For The Wild: An Anthology of the Anthropocene →

Old Grey Mayors

The roots of The Working Centre with Joe Mancini

Rob is joined by Joe Mancini from The Working Centre. Joe and his wife Stephanie founded The Working Centre in 1982 as a response  to unemployment and poverty in downtown Kitchener. Newly married and just graduated from St. Jerome’s  College at the University of Waterloo, the young couple saw the potential for building a community of interest around responding to unemployment and  poverty, developing social analysis and engaging in creative action. 

Bossy Women

Leaving your 9-to-5 to start TWO dream businesses

Today we’re talking with Quantum Greens and Cyclone’s founder Erica Siegner. We’re chatting about the journey from leaving a 9-to-5 to starting not just one, but two, dream businesses. Tune in to hear about getting over your fears, learning to collaborate, and how to stand out in a market that’s saturated.


This is a podcast dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs and providing tips, advice, and inspiration for aspiring girl bosses. We sit down with women business owners from Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond to learn from their entrepreneurial journeys – put your headphones in and be ready to get bossy!

Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date and for daily inspiration:




Mike Farwell Show

Jan 20: Highway 7 Expansion, Transit Revenues, and Coffee

The opening monologue (0:56); 'Incredibly frustrating' as new Highway 7 stalls again in Kitchener and Guelph (20:56); Region of Waterloo increasing transit fare budget for 2020 (43:59); Coffee as expensive as cognac? U of G professor says it could happen sooner than we think (1:04:07); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:27:00)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

CKMS Community Connections for 20 January 2020 with Tamara Lorincz

Show Notes Podcast Index Bonus Footage Show Notes Tamara Lorincz talks about peace, nonviolence, the arms trade, militarization, Canada’s interference in international affairs, the military’s excessive additions to Canada’s carbon footprint, and lists the many events, rallies, and protests coming up in Waterloo Region. The interview starts at 5m19s. Online: Twitter: @TamaraLorincz Facebook: Tamara Lorincz Organizations and … Continue reading CKMS Community Connections for 20 January 2020 with Tamara Lorincz →

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Global Day of Protest: No War On Iran – Waterloo

There will be a peace rally in solidarity with the Global Day of Protest “No War On Iran!” on Saturday, January 25 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. at the Waterloo Public Square. We do not want another war in the Middle East. We say “No War On Iran.” We want US-NATO-Canadian soldiers and special forces out of … Continue reading Global Day of Protest: No War On Iran – Waterloo →

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

In a Coma, Vehicles Beyond, Lizard Tree, Still Life Fast Moving

Check out our weekend podcast above where our sub-theme was “Green” albums – to add as leaves on our #ConceptAlbum mosaic. We might record our podcasts this way moving forward….still experimenting! If you have a preference let us know: rob@radiowaterloo.ca Album:  In A Coma Artist: Matthew Good Year: 2005 Notes:  Probably one of Canada’s best … Continue reading In a Coma, Vehicles Beyond, Lizard Tree, Still Life Fast Moving →

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Country Music

We play Country Music (and Western too!) from our Digital Music Library. Country Music airs alternate Sundays from 8:30pm to 10:30pm.

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Latin, Congrats, Holy F

Last week on Mano A Mano we listened to all three of Holy F%&K’s albums! Holy F%&K puts out amazing albums…and it was rumored that a new album called “DELETER” was coming out soon! Album(s):  Congrats, Latin, Holy F&%K Artist: Holy F&%K Year: 2016, 2010, 2007 Notes:  We look forward to a new album by … Continue reading Latin, Congrats, Holy F →

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Into the Void – January 17th 2019

Best of 2019! Tonight is part 3 of many shows to focus on the best music of 2019. Tonight is all about the music that still rocks, rock isn’t dead yet! Be sure to Tune in Next week as Riley Powis will be your guide through the void!!!! My show also replays on Sundays at … Continue reading Into the Void – January 17th 2019 →

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 17: Iran vs. Trump, Gun Crime, and The Alert Ready System

The opening monologue (0:56); Iran's supreme leader says Trump is a 'clown' who will betray Iranians (20:53); Waterloo regional police adds more investigators to combat gun crime (43:05); The Kitchener Rangers Coach's Show w/ Mike McKenzie (1:03:36); Rangers will be looking for a new COO this year (1:16:42); Friday four panel. Topics: Is the Ontario government helping or bribing parents with money for childcare? / Should the school board ban candidates from visiting schools during election campaigns? / Does Ontario's public alert system need to be fixed? / Should Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain have used the corporate Twitter account to rant against President Trump? (1:26:56)

Farwell and Pope Podcast

Episode 076 - Re locations and retirements

Are the Bulldogs calling the city of Hamilton's bluff, or is there really no future for the OHL in The Hammer? Plus, we talk top prospects with the head of NHL Central Scouting and we bid farewell to a hockey mind that has left an indelible mark on the game.

Beyond the Bulletin Podcast

Episode 30 - Wellness Collaborative, University Mourns, Women’s Workshop

The Wellness Collaborative strives to embed health and wellness into campus culture, and in this episode's interview, Jennifer McCorriston from Campus Wellness tells us about the role we all have in the initiative. Hundreds of people attended a memorial for the members of the UWaterloo community who died in the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. Finance offers training for the Faculty Professional Expense Reimbursement Plan. And an upcoming workshop promotes career growth for women. Links in this episode: Grief support: Counselling Services - 519-888-4567;32655 UW MATES (Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support) Here 24/7 - 1-844-437-3247 Health Services - Student Medical Clinic - 519-888-4096 Grand River Hospital - 519-749-4300 St. Mary's Hospital - 519-744-3311 Good2Talk - 1-866-925-5454 Crisis Services Canada - 1-833-456-4566 or by text 45645 Employee and Family Assistance Provider (Homewood Health) - 1-800-663-1142 Occupational Health - Linda Brogden at ext. 36264 or Karen Parkinson at ext. 30338 Career Advancement Workshop for Women: uwaterloo.ca/career-action/events/employee-workshop-career-advancement-women Moving Careers Forward – A Community of Practice for Women: uwaterloo.ca/career-action/moving-careers-forward Refresher training for Faculty Professional Expense Reimbursement Plan - uwaterloo.ca/finance-resources/expenses/faculty-professional-expense-reimbursement-fper-plan Wellness Collaborative: uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness/wellness-collaborative

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 16 Teacher Strikes, Homelessness, and TV Infomercials

The opening monologue (0:56); Ontario to provide up to $60 a day for child care during teacher strikes (22:18); Cambridge's Social Planning Council closure 'a hole that won't be filled by any other entity' (43:45); Waterloo Region Crossing (1:00:00); Kickback: Blue Monday on Rogers TV (1:03:15); Man gets 6 years for hitting and killing child's mother, hiding her body (1:26:19); The Flip Side: Have you ever bought anything off in TV infomercial? (1:48:14)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Sight, Distance, Pick A Piper

Album: Sight & Distance & Pick A Piper Artist: Pick A Piper Year: 2019, 2017, 2013 Notes: This are all three of the main albums created by Toronto-Waterloo band Pick A Piper. Special Note: Pick A Piper appeared on the Mano A Mano show for their first (self-titled) album on album release day! Make sure … Continue reading Sight, Distance, Pick A Piper →

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 15: Hospital Wait Times, Political Campaigns, and Road Rage

The opening monologue (0:56); GRH looking to cut into patient volume in ER (21:03); Policy change may prohibit political candidates from visiting local public schools (44:04); What's on Wednesday! (1:03:26); Programs and supports offered by Cambridge Shelter Corp. (1:27:28); Between Two Hosts (1:45:35)


Talking about moving to KW from Ottawa (and pancakes) with Hersi and Beth

This week we have Beth and Hersi in the studio to talk about their experience moving from Ottawa to Kitchener. We also breakdown the best places for pancakes.

Events we talk about

Millennial Makers: Screen Printing Shirts with Special Guests KW Famous

Speaking Queerly: How to be a Better Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community

100 Notebook Project Exhibition

Uptown Waterloo's First Ever Comfort Food Crawl

Jokes at Jane's January (Headliner: Tamara Shevon)

The Brush Off 9th Edition

Full Stack Radio

132: Caleb Porzio - Just Enough JavaScript with Alpine.js

In this episode, Adam talks to Caleb Porzio about his new UI library Alpine.js.

Topics include:

  • What is Alpine and what does it replace?
  • How does Alpine compare to Vue?
  • How does Alpine compare to Stimulus?
  • “Why not just use vanilla JavaScript you dummy?”
  • How Alpine works internally
  • Patterns for extracting reusable behaviours with Alpine
  • The Alpine roadmap


  • Tuple, try the best pair programming app out there for free for two weeks


  • Alpine.js on GitHub
  • The template tag
  • The with statement
  • Proxy objects

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 14: Emergency Alerts, Affordable Housing, and Teachers (revised audio)

The opening monologue (0:56); Canada's emergency alert system needs to fix messaging before technology: experts (21:42); Ontario's English Catholic teachers announce one-day strike next Tuesday (44:01); Michael McCain takes the era of the outspoken CEO to the next level (1:06:27); Kitchener council makes 'a concrete, real commitment' to affordable housing (1:27:24); Mental Health monthly segment (1:47:33)

On Wisdom Podcast

24: Misbehavioral Economics: Choosing irrationality

Are people being reasonable when they act irrationally? Doesn’t rationality and reasonableness mean the same thing? Charles and Igor kick of the new decade by diving into a messy mix of behavioral economics, nudges, moral philosophy and legal studies, to examine what standards guide people’s decisions. Charles asks Igor about core standards that guide people when they try to make a good decision. Igor unpacks how the standard of a rational agent evolved in the 20th century and what implications it has had for modern economics and politics. Charles wonders if there are any reasonable people left on the Clapham omnibus in London. Igor discusses his new work assessing how most people define rationality and reasonableness, showing that irrational behavior may be a consequence of focusing on reasonableness instead. Welcome to Episode 24.


  • Folk standards of sound judgment: Rationality Versus Reasonableness | Science Advances
  • Public Reason (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  • Neoliberalism - Wikipedia
  • The Hedgehog and the Fox | Princeton University Press
  • Nudge : Richard H. Thaler & Cass Sunstein
  • Self-Interest, Sacrifice, and Climate Change: (Re-)Framing the British Columbia Carbon Tax - MIT Press Scholarship

Who in Review

WiR #16: Orphan 55

G, Z Chloe & Soph are back to chat about the newest base-under-siege episode, some surprisingly good Ryan dialogue and the benefits of Moffat vs RTD!

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Email: whoinreview@thenickscast.com

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Chloe - @normalwolfcosplay (Instagram);

Soph - @sofacushionart (Instagram);

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Z - @nicksczach (Twitter & Instagram)

You can also find Z’s work at A Blogger’s Beowulf, his translation & analysis of the classic Old English text!

Theme music:

"The World Enough & Time" by Fragile Air

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

CKMS Community Connections for 13 January 2020 with Caterina Lindman

Show Notes Podcast Index Bonus Footage Show Notes Bob Jonkman chats with Caterina Lindman from Rise4ClimateWR. We discuss local climate action, Indigenous climate action on unceded Wet’suwet’en lands in British Columbia, and upcoming climate events in Waterloo Region. The interview starts at 4m40s. Alan and Cari have transcribed the interview! You can read it on the Climate … Continue reading CKMS Community Connections for 13 January 2020 with Caterina Lindman →

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 13: Weekend Flooding, Homelessness, and Neil Peart

The opening monologue (0:56); Flood warning continues for Grand River watershed (21:15); Homelessness growing, becoming more complex, Kitchener survey reveals (43:30); THEMUSEUM to bring climate exhibition to Uptown Waterloo (1:03:20); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:28:25)

Handpicked Podcast

Episode 3: ”Take care of the land and the land will take care of you”: Discussing climate change with members of the Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation in Kakisa, Northwest Territories

In this episode of Handpicked: Stories from the Field, co-producer Dr. Andrew Spring sits down with Chief Lloyd Chicot and Melaine Simba of the Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation from the community of Kakisa in the Northwest Territories. Reflecting on their long partnership of collaboration, they talk about how climate change is impacting food systems in Canada’s North and how their small community is finding ways to adapt to the changing landscapes. You'll hear about community-driven participatory action research and initiatives ongoing in Kakisa, the unique ways that food security issues impact northern Indigenous communities, the importance of the land, and how the community members are monitoring and adapting to the changes being observed.  

First Baptist Church Sermons

Don't Lose Heart - 2 Corinthians 4

In this Communion message Pastor Gary speaks from 2 Corinthians 4 in his message titled "Don't Lose Heart".

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Three Events for Peace

On Monday, 20 January 2020 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm there is a free public film screening “MLK: A Call to Conscience” Room 142, Balsillie School of International Affairs, 67 Erb St. This free public screening is to mark Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day. The documentary, “A Call to Conscience,” gives greater insight into Dr. … Continue reading Three Events for Peace →

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Into the Void – January 10th 2020

Best of 2019! Tonight is part 2 of many shows to focus on the best music of 2019. Tonight is all about the music that I had been anticipating, part 1. My show also replays on Sundays at 6:30pm All my past episodes available in Hi Fidelity Past Episodes or Subscribe to my podcast feed … Continue reading Into the Void – January 10th 2020 →

Farwell and Pope Podcast

Episode 075 - Hunting for the best deals

Another OHL trade deadline has passed and we've got you covered with a complete breakdown, including a conversation with one of the league's most active GMs. The perfect way to set the stage for the unofficial second half.

Mike Farwell Show

Jan 10: Red Light Turns, Women's Hockey, and Iran

The opening monologue (0:56); Kitchener's Loren Gabel is pressing for a women's pro hockey league to benefit the girls who will follow her (21:13); Pilot project stops drivers from turning right on a red (43:42); The Kitchener Rangers Coach's Show w/ Mike McKenzie (1:05:12); Friday Four Panel. Topics: Should Canada involve themselves in the Ukraine airlines investigation? / Are we headed to war between the US and Iran? / Can Ontario afford to capitulate further to teacher's unions? / Should we ban right turns on red lights? (1:26:51)

Todd Donald

Opening Salvo...jus'som' random stuff

In a mood called: bloggyWritten from: Nova Hotel in Aurora, Yellowknife, NWTWhilst listening to: Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Crunk Juice (2004)

Welcome to, an actual blog. Just thoughts, feelings, updates, journaling, goofy stuff... and all from just an ordinary person. I'm not selling you anything, i'm not endorsing anything, In this blog, you can pretend that corporations and corporate synergy NEVER co-opted the net and ruined everything that was cool about it, and created the social landscape of the 2010s. You're all in that web of bullshit baby, don't deny it...

But here, an actual BLOG! DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF! TEAM HUMAN! ALL THE WAY. Also, I love blogs. Always have. I'm bringing them back. Even if only for myself. I'd like to petition that singer/songwriter Peach Guevera get a blog too... when she isn't taking over the world with her incredible music that is... That's it for now.

On this blog, I will be writing updates about my move to, and living in Nunavut, as well as musings and other goofy stuff. Oh yes, I'm 35 and I moved to Nunavut this week to live with my girlfriend who's teaching here.. more on that, later, maybe.

Todd Donald

So, on the one hand... and also catch-up!

In a mood called: desparateWritten from: Home! I guess... Gjoa Haven, NunavutWhilst listening to: Ten Minute Podcast - Episodes from 2012-2013

90s Tarentino; starting at the end...

I've spent the last 3-4 days sleeping, making coffee, pretty much nothing, chores, cooking, dishes, more nothing and all the while, not vaping, which is driving me fucking nuts.. as it well should, I really enjoyed that activity. I posted a picture of my last vape-inhale, just prior to disassembling the thing and throwing each piece in the trash-bin at the Yellowknife airport. I assure you and anyone else back home in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, that I'm nothing more or less than the same aging mess that I was before I left... only I'm bracing myself IN the shit, as opposed to bracing myself FOR the shit.
From the factory of porky isolation and freedom of death, to the land of peace, joy, freedom and opportunity, to finally,, the land of icy isolation and bleeechhh... this will lead us closer back to now!

For those of you just joining us... my partner Katie and I went back into school in September 2017 as mature students. Katie to Teacher's College at Laurier University, and I into Office Admin Executive at Conestoga College. Colleges went into heavy STRIKE mode that fall, for 6-7 weeks, completely fucking up the first semester of my program, which was coming gradually apart then, at the seams. I took the full refund and withdrew from it, so I could go back to work at the AWFUL but reliable Conestoga Meat (factory) job, and start re-paying my loan, etc.
Early 2018 lead me into another awful round of depression, much like I had from Autumn 2013 to Autumn 2017... that hopeless feeling of "this fucked-up workplace is all I have, and all I have to look forward to?" "what the FUCK, is the point of living?" and yet I had no choice, and my return would last at least until the end of July 2019... which also happened to be when Katie left teacher's college, and started her first f/t job, as a teacher in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut.
I went INSTANTLY from hating existence and feeling isolated, both socially and artistically from the community of Kitchener/Waterloo (and surrounding)... a community which is changing so much from outside forces, both American and Torontonian that I hardly recognize it or feel at home or welcome in it-but there's just enough goodness to hangout for and find a home in... Sorry,-I was over-exhausted, over-worked, felt crushed by an unforgiving workplace and schedule and bills-and just like that I was to move back in with my folks for a while, and work a job that I did NOT hate.
The 'Descendants Brewery' months... ah, those...

...I don't know if anyone at that place (that I wasn't already friends with) genuinely liked or enjoyed working with me, or was just kind enough to respond to the probably overwhelming amount of joy and privilege I expressed in knowing and working with them. To their credit though, i'm both inclined to have faith that they ARE fond of me, but just, additionally looking at myself and forehead-palming after every interaction.

Suffice to say (which isn't a term I verbally use, obviously), I REALLY fucking enjoyed working there. The coworkers, some who left, some who just joined up. I enjoyed the long not-so-busy shifts, the rushes, the busier times, the events, the food, and omg, the fucking FOOD!? They let me podcast there.. I got to open-and-close a smaller pub in New Hamburg..

I can't leave out the most important aspects of working at Descendants though... at this time in my life, I FINALLY (CeCe Peniston) returned to a state of grace, and peace, and I felt independant again, I found fucking identity, like holy shit, I fucking exist! I am a person! Not just the memory of a person that once was... occasionally visiting that big city and wanting to go home early depressed by the fact that it isn't where I live anymore (metaphor and now literally.), I ACTUALLY HAVE AUTONOMY... Socially interacting with strangers regularly, for money even. I could randomly decide I wanted to see some pub friends playing and fucking go. I got to see friends I haven't, in years, made new friends... was possibly on my way to having a social group even.

This is all hopelessly to add-on to, here in this blog, something I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to say.. but have to put down SOMEWHERE... While I believe wholeheartedly that working at the meat factory was entirely responsible for my exhaustion, and MOST of the rest of the depression... I really don't know, whether or not it was the only reason I felt isolated and non-existent (at least not in the way I wanted to exist)... yet, I honestly wouldn't if I could, cop to the idea that this person I love, who's given me more than everything and loves me in return, would possibly, in the form of our partnership, be withdrawing me from life as I want it to be, to be happy, to be fulfilled.

Sure the argument could be made, that I couldn't possibly just make a future out of hospitality.. but the fact is that it would have been a staaart... Yes, I've envisioned it, or fantasized. I would get healthy again, and figure out what I want to do in life, from a more creatively and socially fuelled existance. Everyone has these white, western hang-ups, about whether or not we're paired off and reproducing, not even a third of the way through our fucking lives, and I'm LONG, OVER, THAT.. no, I would've been happy as shit to restart from there...

But, alas (haha, I never say that word either), this was all going to be over because when the Christmas Holidays of 2019 came, the love of my life would come back home, and bring me back up to the tiny, arctic, top of the planet for at least 6 months... as per our agreement.

You couldn't meet anyone more loving or excited about me moving here with them... yes, when I say here, I mean here, in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, in the arctic circle. I'll be happy to dispel any false notions you might have about it here. Anyway, with that energy coming at me, with all of the love I have for this person, how can I fight it? How can I imagine even remotely (funny alternate use of remote) hurting someone, or changing the dynamic of how we love each other; someone who's invested more than everything into me...

I'm so stunned, and dizzy and paused right now because I feel helpless, and scared, and I want nothing more than to just get to a place where something big, doesn't need to be done, or decided. I'm so fucking tired of this shit.. I haven't had real peace in the better part of a decade, and i'm fucking miserable, because my mind is at war... I can't process, either because my brain has already begun it's descent or decay, or because of the polar climate-elevation, something, or because of the rest of what this says on the blog...

The stuff at the top, again... ANNND- - -

So I return myself now, back to what seems like destiny, the all too popular program of isolation, and separation from identity, existence, autonomy or anything else worth being truly alive for. Everyone's had their stake in a reaction to finding out about the move.. for one, my loving and worry-some parents have been devastated by this change. Another reaction has been the aggressively nasty one, taking close-minded pot shots at the worst possible scenarios of: how much shit costs, food, how COLD it is, believe it or not, sunlight, and other things I know about. There's the humble reaction, that's un-knowing, but not wanting to make assumptions based on the same amount of information. Lastly there's been the ANNOYING. AS. FUCK. (yes, the WHOLE FUCKING WORDS) reaction that's excited! "Hey, 6 months, 2.5 years, nothing! just a drop in the bucket!", "That sounds like an adventure, I'm jealous!", "Maybe you'll like it, you never know"... wrong, wrong, and wrong... clearly none of you three are aware of the SHIT that I have elsewhere in this blog, and NONE OF YOU FUCKS are EVER in conversations with me where I could try and fail equally, at trying to explain that. Don't get excited for me, I'm not, I'm MISERABLE, stunned, deflated and overwhelmed, and there's nothing I can do about it.

I can't leave the house and go for a drive, I can't take a break to blow out something smokey, the altitude and artificial air is making me dizzy, everything that's happening, is happening way down there, half the world away... I don't know anyone here, there's no one who can teach me anything that I want to learn, or that I can look up to because I'm not relying on them or needing to trust them for any reason. I'm simply stuck. Frozen. Let it go...

For date/reference; I started working at Conestoga Meats in the fall of 2013...
January to December 2014 - Working at CMP: Questioning things... turning 30...
January to December 2015 - Working at CMP: Beaten, defeated and deflated by missing out...
January to December 2016 - Working at CMP: Depressed, bitter and angry...
January to August 2017 - Working at CMP; rejuvenated by getting to LEAVE THAT FUCKING JOB
September-November 2017 - Attending Conestoga College; Office Admin program! A better future!
December 2017 - Returning to CMP; post teacher-strike, innumerably more depressed and angry
January to December 2018 - Working at CMP: holding on by a thread, by doing my own podcast...
January to July 2019 - Working at CMP; at my fucking wit's end...
August to December 2019 - Working at Descendants Brewery; making less, but living REALLY well.
August to December 2019 - Simultaneously weighing and feeling completely imbalanced by the new information...

Todd Donald

Snide side aside: Homophobic cunts… will they never learn? and if they will, when?

Brought to you by the inbred people of lifesitenews.com (JUST heard of this website… take a look around!)This was actually written earlier… and NOT posted to facebook
Now i’m not sure where I land, and am not sure if I ever WILL land somewhere, on the topic of ‘people being offended’. There are SO many intricacies and idiosynchracies of humanity, let alone levels of intelligence, that for some reason, have an equal voice on the internet, and therefore, on the subject. One person’s sensetivity is not another’s. When it comes to oppressed peoples/identities though, I’d say give’m a break. I’d also say, making fun of people for their age, weight, class, clothes, behaviour etc, ESPECIALLY if it’s punching ‘up’, is alright by me. However, I am once again offended and embarassed by my own species with this…
“TELL DISNEY: Don’t make Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2! Sign the petition here.”lifepetitions.com/petition/lesbian-elsa-frozen-2(PS: to this link... DON'T YOU FUCKING SIGN IT! also, the movie already came out! booya!)
So I'm writing my blog.. thinking of using an Elsa - "Let It Go" reference... Yeah, it's early in the blog, so I can get away from reaching for the obvious,, re: isolation, polar climate, frozen essentially.. if there's one saving grace about the absurdity of my new location, it's the TWO movie references I can make that come to mind, and the other one already graces my profile photo, so... none of this is the point, next paragraph...

Here's the image I was going to use under the words "the cold DOES bother me anyway, but otherwise... this song...", and then I read the headline it was linked to. Now, my first reaction was... well, fucking, good! No!? For one, IF SO, does that need to be written about, as ANYTHING other than a cultural blessing? And IF SO, in an ideal world, does it need to be pointed out, or does it need to be as regular and ingratiated as the enormous library and compendium of straight shit? Do we NOT have enough de-humanizing-ly straight only shit, throughout the history of film/television.
“In Disney’s much anticipated Frozen 2, Elsa just might be a lesbian”“Everyone involved with the production seems to love the buzz about Elsa's sexual orientation.”www.lifesitenews.com/news/in-disneys-much-anticipated-frozen-2-elsa-just-might-be-a-lesbian
Low and behold, with a PETITION attached, the cousin-fucking small town, god-fearing antics of a bunch of homophobic, lazy, drunk, detached from society, small-minded pieces of shit, are at it again... I'm sorry, I may rant about the deteriorating quality of music and the way people interact, but I rest on "whatever" I can live with that shit, and I usually regret my rants, immediately after making my point, because what my friends NEVER seem to realize that it's FOR me, and not them, I just wanted their ears for a second, jesus... HOWEVER, I will not take, THIS, back; if you have a problem with the sexual orientation of a Disney character, or any character, or any fucking person, I will NOT forgive you, for taking into the 2020s, THAT LEVEL, OF STUPID, IGNORANT, DUMB, PIECE OF SHIT, SHIT. SHUT THE FUCK UP homophobic websites. GO EXTINCT. Jesus, and all of his disciples were PROBABLY gay too. Suck it.

Todd Donald

So, on the other hand...

In a mood called: objective... it's a mood!Written from: the house building, Gjoa Haven, NunavutWhilst listening to: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

Opening statements… post coffee shit, pre-walk…
I wouldn’t credit any of the peace i’ve found to being here persay, other than the idea that I’m here with nothing but free time for all 6 of the months, and not 3-4 days of harsh adjustment. No, I’ll be getting a job soon, but if it’s not a job I hate with a passion, that doesn’t hate me, then that’ll be good. Making money is good, making money and wanting to live, well that’s just priceless. I’m actually about to leave the house for the 2nd time since i’ve been here… WOW.
PS: I may have been intense in the previous entry, and it WAS real, and not-exageratted, but it’s only part of the story. It’s my right to express that part, un-adulterated by the inclusion of contrary feelings (that said, not enough to change how I feel about being here) that can, here in THIS post/entry, illuminate that i’m not complete without positive thoughts and optimistic appraisals, also.
Continuing statements… post walk…
On Sunday, January 5th, after two nights in the beautiful Yellowknife… well let’s go through that, shall we, strangers? On the 3rd, we flew into Yellowknife NWT, my girlfriend and I. This is Katie’s third time in town. They had a brewery with a DELICIOUS food-making restaurant, and I got the fish burger. We shopped around and relaxed at the hotel. Then we met up with some of her teacher friends for dinner at a pub the second night, they lovely people.. having walked around and shopped a bit more, and spent some time at a wonderful café called JavaRoma (coffee there, not so much). On the 5th, most of those teacher friends and a few more loaded into a 20-seat propeller plane at YK airport and we said goodbye to that small town, with a winter somewhere between that in Ontario, and the Arctic, both literally and figuratively… and goodbye to civilization.
On the plane, we were to have landed briefly in other parts of Nunavut and finally in Gjoa Haven on King Edward Island.. but the weather was so bad, the one plane going to Nunavut that day wasn’t going to be able to land. So, those other passengers went home, and only those of us going to Gjoa Haven were on the plane,, extra seats, meant more comfort and a smoother travel day. With the plane rides from Toronto to Calgary and Calgary to Yellowknife being overloaded, cramped, and painful, this was KIND OF a big deal! Last plane, here we go, landing was rough and shakey but we did it! Touch-down!
On our first night in the house (that Katie’s already been living in from August-December 2019), some friends came over with a dinner made by another teacher friend who’d been in Gjoa Haven a day earlier, and I took some time un-packing and putting most of my shit in the spare bedroom, to have, like an office/podcast editing studio.
On the second day (the 6th), I spent ample time in the morning cleaning, tidying and re-arranging the larger living room area.. then relaxed for a while, ultimately made a nice dinner and went to bed when Katie needed to go to bed. On the third day (the 7th), I spent the day relatively the same way, but I, wait, can’t remember if I left or not, I think I made coffee and marathon’d the Star Wars Trilogy. On the fourth day (yesterday) I started blogging again, HIGHLIGHT: LEAVING THE HOUSE! I walked all the way to an exotic shop called Quick Stop, which literally is the same chain, albeit different here, as the one in Kitchener. Today I’m doing some chores… all of which is to say, I’ve been doing allot of chilling, and nothing this last few days… it’s actually, surprisingly nice.
The silence and physical distance, has allowed me distance from the toxicity of the phony balogny influencers, brands, robots and entrepreneurs, douchebags, toxic macho male bullshit that i’ve been sickened by so much back home..
At the moment at least, I don’t have to go to work..
I’m making coffee (good roastery shit too, like detour, settlement and more) and all with the same coffee maker (that works!) (Katie’s) that’s the reason I fell in love with dark roasts and brewing at home!
Cat cuddles with Luda, of course…
The space, has almost set a reset button, I mean, not to de-evolve or dissintegrate.. not becoming a different person, or forgetting all that i’ve been, up to this point. It’s a new decade, a new year, a new place, and allot of silence… it’s affecting, how could it NOT be!?; but, a reset button on my nervous system. I don’t have anything to prove, and no one to prove it to. All of my friends, like, my truest friends or friends in training, are all but an electronic communication away.. so as much as i’d RATHER be in person with them.. at least this way i’m allowing myself to calm down a bit internally. I went from work forcing me away from people, to 5 months of barrelling towards people, to now, being distant again, but at least peacefully.
I’m actually releived that i’m done with the podcast, at least the one that I was making… near the end, and at various points all the way through, allot of what I did was in vain, as much as I tried to rationalize certain things while in the moment.. also, it wasn’t bringing out the best in me. I’ve been thrust into a position of simply not being able to do it.. and suddenly, nervous system reset, and I no longer care whether or not people see me trying to get their attention, or prove anything. That weight is gone!
I’m eating/drinking better… it’s been a week with little to no pop, the last few, with no pop… No chips, no fried foods, no fast foods, no junk, no fat, just cooking and eating healthy shit. Water and coffee.. the prices are much here, but you can get what the body needs and not go broke if you’re working. It’s how whitey does it up here I guess?
Please forgive me if I end up quitting this blog thing again.. i’m not as carefree as when I first started (18 y/o as opposed to 36), nor is the internet and those who’ve hijacked the place that the internet is.. plus, at this point in my life, I have too much to say,, there’s more self-assurance, but less clarity the more you learn.

Todd Donald

You have ONE JOB, kid… ONE JOB!!!

And you SHOULDN’T HAVE THAT JOB, because you’re a piece of fucking shit!
I remember falling in love with the 1980 movie The Shining, when I caught it on television in 1999, at the age of 14. Mind you, CQI films like The Matrix and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace were in the mix of what I was seeing.. even then as ridiculous as the special effects look now, they were miles above in visual story-telling (technologically) than their older counterparts. Also keep in mind, that during this time (I’m of course about 14 y/o), I only knew the movies I’d seen in the theatre, that my parents rented from Blockbuster or Jumbo video, etc., or airing on television; usually the best ones, that weren’t in a movie stream on Canada’s TMN, were aired on basic cable, laden with commercial advetisements. Just think, in 5 years I’d be buying booze and cheap used DVDs of anything I saw with dividends of part-time labour… and in 10 years I’d be downloading a free digital DVD rip in minutes of all the movies I wanted a copy of 10 or more years ago.
I feel like there’s truth to the addage; there’s a cerebral connection we make to the things we’re exposed to (music, film, experiences, tastebuds) during a time in our lives, usually around 14/15 and 24/25.. hormonally, and centered around the simplicity of our lives, and escapism vs. uncertainty.. it makes the way things are feel like the way things should always be… what’s ironic about that is that late 20th century shit, the introduction of web blogging, myspace.. and then all that shit we have today is all a part of my adolescance, I got a mix of all the late gen-x and elder millenial shit.
Any movie I would consider TRULY good, for what it does for me either in content or craft, I won’t dispose of easily.. I’ve gotten to know my favourite films over several years which have turned into decades, and repeated viewings at least annually if possible, and the further back in time you go, you’ll have caught me watching The Shining more than twice a week.. now that’s heavy. Perhaps after so many viewings, you can go a few times listening instead to the commentary track, perhaps you only have time for documentaries and making-of or other added contents that enhance your connection to the movie! Perhaps I’ve watched all of the legitimate making-ofs and documentaries on The Shining? Fair?

Okay, so… With an adept ability to function in the world, despite having almost romantic connections to masterful pop-culture offerings from brilliant people… Even though I stand on the left and don’t agree with how Stanley antagonized Shelley-even though the end-result was amazing-it’s not okay… All that I EVER ASK, of someone who has the GALL to call critiquing films a fucking JOB, get paid for it, get patted on the fucking BACK for it… is to be a glib as they need to be, not TOO FUCKING GLIB, as long as they offer something original, intelligent and thoughtful… at least with that, they’d have my respect! Fair? How is that not fucking fair? Supposedly these little pukes go to school for journalism or creative writing and have some kind of future that’s bigger than slapping a glib quote on rotten tomatos and calling that a resumé?
It’s not like The Shining, released in 19-fucking-80… NEEDS a new word on the matter of it’s existence, certainly not from some fuck who like me, didn’t even exist when it was released, to the reviews of those who took pride in thoughtful critisisms (including both negative and positive reviews and audience response as all Kubrick films did). All of us Kubrick lovers know that Stephen King (who in my opinion, injected his books with dishonest amounts of sentiment) hates the cold touch on his story, in Stanly Kubrick’s masterpiece. That’s fine, he wrote a beautiful and amazing story.. in my opinion Stanley Kubrick’s version, was allot more visceral, it wasn’t meant to be a blockbuster and hand itself to the watcher on a silver platter wrapped in a bows and answers and loose ends tied up, and no conversation to have afterward or multiple interpretations; something we all applaud The OA for-rightfully so Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, some of us are in it to be deeply engaged, and moved, even un-nerved.
Here’s an example of Stephen King and Jack Nicholson (Jack Torrance), talking about Stanley, Stanley’s film and input… I’ve listened to this shit over a dozen times in the featurettes, and it’s AVAILABLE ON WIKE-FUCKING PEDIA…
In Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, Jack Nicholson recalls that Kubrick said The Shining is an overall optimistic story because "anything that says there's anything after death is ultimately an optimistic story." Stephen King recounts hearing the same thing from Kubrick in conversation with him, and replied, "What about hell?". King says there was a pause and Kubrick answered, "I do not believe in hell."
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_and_religious_beliefs_of_Stanley_KubrickArticle “Political and religious beliefs of Stanley Kubrick…found when I was searching the quote that I know was ripped-off
Now at this point in my writing excercise… I’m invested in finishing this post, but my aggressive-feeling moment is over… I really have no control of this situation in pop-culture, and I really don’t care what people born after me get, out of their movie experience… some will evolve past me-now in intelligence when they’re 5-10 years younger, I can find them and look up to them and seek their approval; the statistical MASSES of the rest can all go their way too, I can’t headache and worry about it.. it’s fine. Enjoy your auto-tuned, un-original music and your sugar-smacked cereals, I’ll walk in the direction of my tomb, it’s fine, it’s fine!
If I AM finishing this post though, I must introduce you to professional movie critic and pundit: Matthew Rozsa… Who on HIS website MatthewRozsa.com… has this text, written about his qualifications…
Matthew Rozsa is a political blogger whose work appears in Salon, The Daily Dot, The Good Men Project, and numerous other publications. As a doctoral candidate studying history at Lehigh University, Rozsa applies the knowledge base and research skills acquired through his graduate work to the numerous issues discussed in his articles, which have appeared in national media outlets since 2012. In addition to covering politics, Rozsa also writes about American history, social justice causes, popular culture, and the concerns of the high-functioning autistic community.
Rozsa earned his BA at Bard College in 2006 and his MA at Rutgers University (Newark) in 2012. He has worked on several Democratic political campaigns and a former Democratic committee member in Northampton County, PA.
I must apologize by the way, pause… the ONLY reason I got myself all riled up in the first place, was because after owning a VHS, DVD, still hoping to find a worthwhile Bluray one day, and looking up an iTunes copy to buy and download… I decided (AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT), to just, take, a little gander, over at the ratings and reviews tab… not like there was going to be ANYTHING worthwhile, at least nothing written by today’s hyperbolistic and pimply moron crowd.. I expected the pro reviews though, at the top, would be from 1980!? Why wouldn’t I? Isn’t THAT when the film came out, WHO THE FUCK TODAY, would have ANYTHING of legitimacy, to say about a film that came out 30-40 years ago!!?? Well the truth of the answer here… is fucking, no one.
Here’s Matthew Rozsa’s insightful punditry at work in his review on Salon.com/Rotten Tomatoes…
“The classic Stanley Kubrick film isn’t just scary…” bold statement… “- it is also, in it’s own odd way, “ okay, glib, but it informs the young reader that Kubrick films aren’t boring everyday pieces of shit, they’re wierd-if you’re game for wierd (wierd by definition is nothing more than out of the ordinary; kids are the ones who made the term “wierd” mean out of the ordinary + negative).. and finishes with “…in it’s own odd way, defined by a hopeful perspective on life and death.”.. so by ‘hopeful perspective’ is that your less interesting way of saying something DIRECT? ‘defined by’? that’s REACHING…
Here’s the review on it’s own…
Fresh: The classic Stanley Kubrick film isn’t just scary - it is also, in it’s own odd way, defined by a hopeful perspective on life and death. - Matthew Rozsa, Salon.com, Nov. 6, 2019
Okay, so, GREAT, the AMAZING consciousness of the incredible Matthew Rozsa has put his shine on The Shining, the FUCKING GAUNTLET, has been thrown… so.. hey wait… Wait a minute… Hold on…
No, it’s coming to me… I’ve heard this thought before… it’s been perhaps.. Wait… Re-worded by someone who… get’s PAID to be a twit-twat-tweet.. bite-sized glib piece of shit professional pundit.. this couldn’t be!??
Shall I re-copy and paste his review NEXT to a re-copy/paste of the original THOUGHTS by Jack Nicholson, available in The Shining documentaries AND on wikepedia after an EASY one search!? Okay, I will!!!
In Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, Jack Nicholson recalls that Kubrick said The Shining is an overall optimistic story because "anything that says there's anything after death is ultimately an optimistic story." Stephen King recounts hearing the same thing from Kubrick in conversation with him, and replied, "What about hell?". King says there was a pause and Kubrick answered, "I do not believe in hell."
The classic Stanley Kubrick film isn’t just scary - it is also, in it’s own odd way, defined by a hopeful perspective on life and death. - Matthew Rozsa, Salon.com, Nov. 6, 2019
OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. If you don’t read about eastern philosophies, then you don’t realize you’re getting taken for a ride by capitalist spirit guides, influencers or life-coaches with their fucked up vision bored shit. EVERYTHING THEY SAY is re-worded PURE philosophies on selflessness and happiness, warped into profiteering.
OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN… Music, Sports, Politics… Not allot of people know what’s already been said and don’t know what’s being ripped off… funnily enough in a day and age where MOST of the proof of their dishonesty can be found, by ANYONE. It’s not okay in schools to be un-original, how can people build fucking CAREERS out of it!??
Question things, please… Trust things, but fucking QUESTION things. Please

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