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episode 261 agriculture show nov 26 2019

David Imrie and Bruce Witmer are our guests today on The Agriculture Show.  Dave and Bruce talk about some of the many facets of agriculture through their lived experience. radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+261+agriculture+show+nov+26+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast  

Mike Farwell Show

Dec 5: Climate Change, The Holocaust, and Online Shopping

The opening monologue (0:56); Uptown Waterloo Hop N' Shop (11:08); Do you prefer shopping online vs. in store? (21:43); Trudeau-Trump spat cast a shadow over a summit that got things done, say leaders (37:43); RBC Taylor Prize: Spotlight on Max Eisen (43:21); Auditor general's report finds Ontario not using 'sound evidence' in climate change plan (1:25:47); The Flip Side: What popular band or artist do just not 'get'? (1:46:38)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 260 agriculture show oct 22 2019

Peter Van Der Hayden visits our studio today. Peter was raised on a dairy farm. Peter has always had a business side and now is involved with  drinkwillibald.com radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+260+agriculture+show+oct+22+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Watch the video here    

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 259 agriculture show oct 1 2019

Owen Roberts is in our studio today. Owen works at our local www.fspartners.ca where he is a grain originator on behalf of www.greatlakesgrain.com radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+259+agriculture+show+oct+1+2019.mp3 right click here to save the podcast Watch the video here  

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Write For Rights with Amnesty International

Write for Rights is the world’s largest human rights event. It’s a moment when Amnesty International’s seven million supporters around the world join together in a letter-writing blitz calling on governments to respect the rights of selected individuals at risk. We have had many successes over the years including the release of political prisoners, the … Continue reading Write For Rights with Amnesty International →

Mike Farwell Show

Dec 4: River Road Expansion, Distracted Driving, and Financial Literacy

The opening monologue (0:56); Delayed 12 years, River Road extension in Kitchener may face more delay (21:53); Mobile phone detection cameras set to roll out across Australia, here's everything you need to know (42:24); What's on Wednesday! (1:04:36); The financial literacy school bus has been hijacked in Ontario (1:25:58); Between Two Hosts (1:46:34)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 258 agriculture show sept 17 2019

Karl Kessler is the guest of The Agriculture Show today. Karl brings us news about www.doorsopenontario.on.ca/waterloo-region . radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+258+agriculture+show+sept+17+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Watch the video here  

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 257 agriculture show sept 11 2019

Krista Duynisveld Hulshof graces our studio today. Krista brings us news about www.ontariobarnpreservation.com and www.veldarchitect.com . radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+257+agriculture+show+sept+11+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Watch the video here  

Mike Farwell Show

Dec 3: Tailgating, Affordable Housing, and The Christkindl Market

The opening monologue (0:56); Giving Tuesday 2019 (13:46); Waterloo balks at tailgate parties, but Kitchener leans in (22:50); New group advocating for affordable housing says: Yes in My Backyard (43:37); Christkindl Market (1:00:00); Covered Bridge Carol Sing (1:04:59); Ask the Chief!: WRPS Chief Bryan Larkin is here to answer all your policing questions (1:26:16)


We talk content, arts and unique social media handles with Taylor Jones

Events -

Zero Waste Bulk 1 Year Anniversary - www.facebook.com/events/zero-waste-bulk/zero-waste-bulks-1-year-anniversary/600665730689158/

Rising Tides Book Launch - www.eventbrite.com/e/rising-tides-book-launch-tickets-75884537695

Indigenous Art Market - www.facebook.com/events/kitchener-city-hall-200-king-st-w/indigenous-art-market/715573245594905/

Christkindl Market - www.christkindl.ca/

Green Light Arts - A Very Leila Christmas - www.greenlight-arts.com/ 

KW Symphony Yuletide Spectacular - kwsymphony.ca/concerts/yuletide-spectacular/

Holiday Market powered by Shopify - shopifykw.com/pages/holiday-market-powered-by-shopify

Bossy Women

Turning a sweet passion into a thriving business

Today we’re chatting with Jess, co-founder of Bliss Dough, the edible cookie dough company that fulfills your all your sweet cravings. In this episode, we’re diving into the unexpected story of how Jess and her partner got started, the wild ride of their fast growth, and the benefits of DIY-ing parts of your business and learning as you go.







This is a podcast dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs and providing tips, advice, and inspiration for aspiring girl bosses. We sit down with women business owners from Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond to learn from their entrepreneurial journeys – put your headphones in and be ready to get bossy!

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KW Linux User Group(KWLUG)

2019-12: Computer Vision, Systemd

Chris Blasko gives an introduction to computer vision and object recognition. Nathan Fish explains systemd. See kwlug.org/node/1178 for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Note that this audio has had silences clipped.

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 256 agriculture show sept. 10 2019

Stephanie Szuzz and Christine Snider are our guests today. Steph and Chris bring us some news from the Wilmot Agricultural Society and the annual www.newhamburgfallfair.ca radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+256+agriculture+show+sept+10+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Watch the video here  

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 255 agriculture show aug 20 2019

Bernard Tobin is our guest today. Bernard works at  www.realagriculture.com where he also gets the word about agriculture. radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+255+agriculture+show+aug+20+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Watch the video here  

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 254 agriculture show august 13 2019

Bardish Chagger is in the studio today here at CKMS. Bardish is one of our elected officials here in the Region of Waterloo. radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+254+agriculture+show+13+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Click here to watch the video  

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 253 agriculture show july 30 2019

Dan Toman and Harold Albrecht were out guests today.  We in agriculture are always interested in what our elected officials have to say about agriculture radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+253+agriculture+show+july+30+2019.mp3 Right click here to save the podcast Click here to watch the video  

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

episode 252 agriculture show july 16 2019

Dane Lee and Bryan May are in studio today. Always good to hear what our elected officials have to say about agriculture radiowaterloo.ca/storage/track/?resource=episode+252+agriculture+show+july+16+2019.mp3 Right click to download podcast Watch the video here  

Mike Farwell Show

Dec 02: Facebook Food Help, Victoria Street Trail, and Rant or Rave

The opening monologue (0:56); Local man asks for food help and Facebook responded in spades (22:06); Region wants to install multi-use trail on Victoria Street (43:32); Vehicle-centric planning won’t lead to more efficient travel (1:04:50); Rant or Rave (1:26:09)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Lanterns by Son Lux

So we were able to fit a third full album in under the theme of “Accidental Shows”. This one was when I accidentally saw Son Lux a few years back at NXNE and they were unbelievable! My favourite song of the night was “Lost it to Trying” so I decided to feature the Son Lux … Continue reading Lanterns by Son Lux →

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

CKMS Community Connections for 2 December 2019

Show Notes Podcast Index Show Notes Today’s show is all new Canadian Content music, received at office@radiowaterloo.ca. If you’re a musician and want us to play your latest song, check out How To Submit Music. Podcast Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-12-02.mp3 (86 MiBytes, 59m59s, episode 28) Podcast Index 00m24s: Joy Ride (Slow Burn Mix) — Melotika 06m09s: Unaware — … Continue reading CKMS Community Connections for 2 December 2019 →

Not a Unicorn

Gift of Letting Go

This past weekend,  I went to see the acclaimed movie “A Marriage Story”, which , was quoted from cast member Adam Driver as a “Love Story About Divorce”. A few weeks after my own divorce finalized, I suspected that I was in for a weep fest. Thankfully my awesome metamour knew that all too well and stocked up on napkins.

This movie did not disappoint. I felt like I watched my own journey played out on screen. I had never cried that much from a movie before. Ever. That profound pouring of emotion came from remembering the pain, recognizing the elements of trying to let go and the hopefulness of a future that I am currently already living.

To be honest – I was already ready to kick off another blog post about something more inline with my usual stuff. Relationship anarchy, non monogamy, etc. However, I had to stop instead and get this out before I shift my focus again to the now. There were so many things I learned at the end of a decade long partnership that ties in so much to how I feel about societal messaging on relationships. I need to share some pivotal thoughts that maybe worthwhile to anyone else going through the same thing.

We navigate in a society that perpetuates the notion that people are easily giving up on relationships for something better; that no one is willing to put in the work into relationships to make them work.

Longevity is the pedestal to aim for, the perceived sign that a relationship is successful and strong.

Relationships that end by choice are a “failure”.  

Messages like this contribute to a shitload of guilt and have us staying in partnerships way past their evident expiration date.

Deciding that a relationship has reached it’s endpoint is NOT easy. Unravelling a relationship is NOT easy.

I felt so guilty wanting to let go that it took half a year to come to that point where I knew it needed to happen. I didn’t want to see him hurt at my doing so I peeled off the bandaid slowly. Looking back, that caused much more pain than I had tried to avoid doing.

Listen, coming to the decision to end it – was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. This was the father of my kids, and my husband of 10 years. I spent nights crying with the anxiety that I was torn between what I knew I needed for my happiness and the guilt that I was “giving up”.

Even more so, the next few years of navigating divorcing, trying to make ends meet as a solo parent financially, custody, and those grieving feelings was not the easy route. BY FAR. 

These were the hardest years.


They led me here. Leading an authentic life. Having a routine that I’m settled in and engaging in love and life on my terms. Instead of pouring in my effort and labour into a relationship that had reached its natural end, I directed it towards letting go of what was and building a life for me. Letting go was a gift to us both, while then it was hard to see it that way, it is now with a different lens.

I didn’t quit my marriage. I didn’t give up. By staying, that would have meant sacrificing my own growth and worth for the sake of someone else. By staying, I would have failed myself.  Everyone in a relationship are still individuals who happen to be building something together.

You can still love someone for who they are and at the same time, know that being together, it just doesn’t fit. I know I will always love him. I didn’t spend that long of a time out of pure obligation. I remember the reasons we fell in love, I remember how I adored him and valued the space and times we shared together. But I also saw how we began to grow differently and how we responded to this led to our suffering. We were fighting to hang on to something that wasn’t the same as it was before and never was going to be. I knew I had to let go.

I see now how the fighting to hang on was so entwined with societal messaging. Projection of guilt and fear from years of internalized messages of fighting for and working hard to make a marriage work.

It seems so clear now. Even years later, how much of a role that played. Bring in worries of what friends and family might think and it adds to the despair.

I wonder if I would have done anything differently given the chance to go back, with the perspective I have now. I think – no, I know –  I wouldn’t. Looking back at how that transpired has given the gift of knowledge of how to conduct my relationships going forward. Making those mistakes, seeing those fears and feelings of guilt as they are with my eyes now means that I can approach transitioning relationships in a different way. There is opportunity to have relationships part ways in terms in such a way that everyone involved is the same or better than when they came into the relationship. That is my goal.

I remember some of the things I asked myself then which ultimately began the road to finalizing that end. I’d like to share those:  

Why Are We Struggling?

My ex husband and I separated for ½ year in 2014 and came together again epically in a new honeymoon phase. Without really addressing we split in the first place, we rode on the wings of a relationship reboot lasted for a short while before we were up against the same challenges.

 We decided about maybe splitting ways again, and lo and behold we jumped on another “we are doing great” wave.  It only took a few months before the same things cropped up again. They weren’t things that could necessarily be fixed – we were growing in different ways yet felt if we just kept up with this reboots, it would keep us going.

After that essentially I began to withdraw on different levels and couldn’t bring myself to do the final “this is it”, until I knew, I had to.  

I knew it was the end when it was the same reasoning for 2 years yet neither of us could bring ourselves to finally cut it loose. The guilt and internalized belief of needing to work on a marriage no matter what  made it last much longer than it should have.

What Am I Fighting For?

I can’t speak for him, but for myself, I think it was an avoidance of being the villain and causing pain. I wanted to make things work so I wouldn’t feel that I was hurting someone. I am a recovering people pleaser so I was all about ensuring that others were happier at my expense.

That was no different here. I struggled to find a way to be happy myself without hurting someone else. I then knew that no matter what, by letting go, it was going to hurt him. Unavoidable.

I risked being seen as the person giving up. I risked being labeled the quitter. But had to for my own well being.

Why Am I Here – Does this Spark Joy?

Ok, yes, the whole spark joy will have folks snickering at the cheesiness but in this case, there is a lot of merit to say that if you can’t hold a relationship close to you and say it sparks joy, whatever are you there for?

Sure, relationships aren’t meant to be 24/7 joy machines but if you are spending much more time trying to work on your relationships than the effortless joy that comes with being with someone, it begs to ask yourself what keeps you there? Obligation? Guilt?

I definitely wasn’t in a spark joy mode. It was fingers in a dam.

Do I Like Who I Am In this Relationship?

A big a ha moment for me as well was when I realized that I didn’t like the person I was in this relationship nearing its end. It started bringing out the worst in me and I felt it was more draining than enriching.

I began experiencing feelings of resentment and I was in a state of anger a lot. This wasn’t the person I wanted to be and I wanted to be in a relationship where I felt my best. Disagreements and clashes happen, but overall, I wanted to be at my best to navigate whatever came my way.

I wanted to feel appreciated for who I was for all the quirks that came with it. I wanted to have relationships where I could be free as I was and loved for who I was in all the complexities. Sometimes, though, when we are with someone for a long time, it clashes with how each person grows. We may see that that who we are now is no longer valued/appreciated by those we love and vice versa.

What is the Worst Case Scenario If It Ends?

For many folks,  hanging on much longer than one should, stems from fear and not wanting to experience loss. I wonder how much it’s about losing the person themselves or just being alone. Results may vary, I’m sure.

This one helped in so many ways and it’s something that I encourage anyone to do even if you are in a blissful , everything is great relationship.

What is the worst that could happen, if this ended?

I contemplated this by playing it out. It would mean having that hard conversation, seeing someone I love be hurt immensely, doing an incredible amount of work to de-tangle finances, living space, kid’s schedule. It would mean I would having a single income to support myself and my kids. It would mean changing a work schedule to accommodate when the kids are with me.

It would mean getting a divorce at some point and all the costs involved with that.


If that’s the “worst”, that’s workable. Hard ? Yes? Stressed? Yes!! But if the worst part is just logistical unravelling and there is a point where it levels out, would it be worth it if it meant:

  • I have the opportunity to lead an authentic life
  • I can be myself unapologetically
  • A future on my terms
  • Being open to be loved fully and to be a better version of myself

By staying, it would mean I’d avoid the unravelling of every day entanglements, but would living a life for someone else. It would be about suppressing who I was and what I could give for the sake of making it “work”.

So, with that in mind, I realized that either I can put in the labour to get myself to a place of peace, or lose myself to avoid the labour.

If holding on causes more pain the pain you go through to let go, the answer seems clear.

This is only my story and I’m sure everyone out there will work through transitions or hanging on to relationships using whatever tools they believe works best for them. This is what I learned and in the past 3 years post marriage, they have helped me approach relationships and transitioning relationships more healthily. Granted , I still mess up and I’m still learning new ways to try to be better. Life is a journey of learning that never ends.

I would like to leave you all with this though as something I firmly believe. It’s not a failure to setting someone you love free. It’s recognizing that while you can love someone for who they are, it’s an act of kindness to let them be that person without you if it means you both can find peace. Love isn’t enough and that’s OK.  Let’s let go of the notion of victims/villains, failure/success, longevity and rather grasp on to whether the connections we make, make us feel alive and enriched. For however long that may be.

Kitchener Baptist Sermons

The Free Gift of God

Salvation is a wonderful blessing, and knowing that your sins are forgiven and that you are on your way to Heaven is the greatest gift of all. One day when we stand before God, we will stand before Him naked with nothing to hide out shame. What will be our merit or reason God should let us into heaven? Philippians 3:9“And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through […]

The post The Free Gift of God appeared first on Kitchener Baptist Church.

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Towel Rock

Towel Rock soaks up anything good! Hopefully that doesn’t disappoint. Towel Rock airs on Saturdays from 10:00pm to Midnight.


Critical Role - When People Cosplay Your OC

“Critical Role is an American web series in which a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. The show started streaming in March 2015, partway through the cast’s first campaign” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_Role \ \ Fandom Facts

  • Holy crap Critical Role is popular: is is the most popular it has ever been (aside from March 2019), but also, its popularity coincides with a massive increase in popularity in Dungeons and Dragons (but _not _Pathfinder)
  • There is a site entirely devoted to stats about the critical role game: d20 rolls, puns, lore, you name it!
  • “After the split from Geek and Sundry, the cast announced a fundraiser for an animation of the popular Whitebriar arc. The campaign asked for $750,000 but reached $1 million within an hour, ending with a record-breaking $11.3 million in donations.”
First Impressions

T: I honestly had very little impression of what CR actually was. My only exposure was through following ItsGinnyDi on Twitter and seeing various Jester-related cosplay (I actually forgot that the show’s premise was voice-actors playing Dungeons and Dragons)! I might have seen some humourous animatics with Jester too… but when G said that the episodes are like three hours long and unedited, I was skeptical.

Z: I think I first heard about this from G, and I thought it sounded kind of like The Adventure Zone. And that was kind of it. Not because I don’t find D&D interesting, but instead because I felt like I’d heard The Adventure Zone and I was good on the recorded tabletop RPG playing front. Aside from that, though, it seemed to me like it was kind of like the Game Grumps when they’d first started: The first big thing of its kind to really make headway into the mainstream.


What we thought about the thing / fandom after reviewing it. Try to make this more of a review style.


Any concluding thoughts on the fandom.

_Z: _After reading about the phenomenon that is Critical Role and listening to the first episode of the second campaign, I feel pretty comfortable saying that it’s just not for me. The episode that I listened to had a good variety of metagame chatter, general in-character conversation and exploration, and even a bit of combat, but trying to listen to what seemed like at least 7 players and one DM was just too much for me to do passively. And, to be honest, it seemed kind of slow, at least in comparison to The Adventure Zone. But I think that comparing the two is like comparing a svelte young elf who stumbles across the recipe for a Tex-Mex delicacy and an energetic tiefling with a penchant for mischief. One interests me enough to pull me through over 100 hours of recorded D&D and the other makes it fairly easy to understand why people enjoy them and the game they’re a part of, but not to listen in to the show they’re a part of.


How Do I Beat the Matt Mercer Effect?

Ginny Di’s Guide to Catching Up on Critical Role

Google Trends Data


Critical Role on Fanlore

Thoughts on Critical Role vs The Adventure Zone?

The rise of D&D liveplay is changing how fans approach roleplaying

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No Safe Home & Log Bomb

Last weekend on Mano A Mano – Concept Album we featured the Wax Mannequin album No Safe Home in Full. This was a request by Jeff McKenna. Wax Mannequin is semi-local….from Hamilton ON. Check out his album here and then go purchase some of his album online or around the city! And Since I saw … Continue reading No Safe Home & Log Bomb →

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 29: High School Walkout, Flames Coach Firing, and Friday Four Panel

The opening monologue (0:56); Ontario public high school teachers union announces tentative 1-day walkout (24:35); Legal analyst says Flames face million-dollar decision on what to do with Bill Peters (43:49); The Coach’s Show (1:05:05); Are you my type? Blood Drive (1:05:05); Friday Four Panel (1:28:59)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Into the Void – 29th November 2019

Tonight is the fourth show in the “Webs in the Void” series. These shows will focus on a specific band, musician or artist and explore the musicians that seem to gravitate towards them. Tonight I will focus on Storm Thorgerson. He is best known for closely working with the group Pink Floyd through most of their career, … Continue reading Into the Void – 29th November 2019 →

Farwell and Pope Podcast

Episode 070 - When you can’t fire all the players…

Coaches in any sport at almost any level will always tell you the same thing: they know that they get hired, to get fired. That happened this week to former NHL’er Jay McKee, who was relieved of his duties with the Kitchener Rangers in a move General Manager Mike McKenzie calls the most difficult of his career. Hear this week from McKenzie, who now adds “interim head coach” to his job description, and listen in as Farwell and Pope have the age-old debate: is it fair to make the coach the fall guy? Plus, two unlikely teams are tearing up the West, the league’s best may be in the East, Pope lobbies for a league-wide skills competition, the guys answer your emails, and they chat with a play-by-play guy who had a front row seat to CHL history.

Beyond the Bulletin Podcast

Episode 25 - Accessibility Training, Economic Impact, Preferred Names

Joyce Barlow, workplace accessibility specialist, tells us about mandatory new accessibility training for all UWaterloo employees. Also this week, details of the University’s economic impact, a Toasty Toes tally and you will soon be able to use a preferred name on campus. Links in this episode: University of Waterloo Economic Impact Report: uwaterloo.ca/about/reports/univ…omic-impact-report President’s Community Impact Awards: uwaterloo.ca/president/presiden…nity-impact-awards National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women: www.ticketfi.com/event/3538/natio…ce-against-women Accessibility Training (from December 3): learn.uwaterloo.ca Accessibility at Waterloo: uwaterloo.ca/human-resources/accessibility

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 28: Anti-Bullying, Plain Cigarette Packaging, and The Flip Side

Scheer to assign key roles in Tory caucus as questions mount over leadership (02:34); Ontario government introduces new measures to combat bullying in schools (20:33); New Study Shows (42:46); Smaller Canadian cities taking a bite out of Toronto's tech sector: report (1:03:09); Dalhousie researcher wins award for work that finds plain cigarette packaging is effective (1:25:55); The Flip Side (1:46:50)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

Rebel Time Radio – November 27, 2019

Spanner – Immobilized The Toasters – East Side Beat Scum of Toytown – Crisis Autonomads – Run Like A Girl Citizen Fish – Sink or Swim Faintest Idea – Cocktails Kalashnikov Collective – Quando Le Macchine Si Fermeranno Streetlight Manifesto – Hell Operation Ivy – Unity D.O.A. – You Won’t Stand Alone The Selecter – … Continue reading Rebel Time Radio – November 27, 2019 →

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 27: Winter Sidewalk Clearing, Indoor Remembrance Ceremonies, and What's on Wednesday!

The opening monologue (0:56); 'We need to be better': Waterloo grapples with winter sidewalk clearing (22:57); Should Remembrance Day ceremonies be held indoors? (43:55); What's on Wednesday! (1:07:54); When it comes to boycotting opinions, 'cancel culture' is preventing dialogue from occurring: psychologist Social Sharing (1:27:00); Between Two Hosts (1:48:50)

Todd Donald

054 - Jesse Parent (Returns)

Recently a guest on my friend Natasha's show (a much better host and interviewer), Jesse Parent returns to The Todd Donald Show to chat a bit about the finished release of his new album “Somedays, Tomorrows & Best Laid Plans”… AND to go off the rails and into outer space, with me. Jesse’s become a consummate, professional A F singer/songwriter, after years of playing with schlubs like me a decade ago, wherever we could get a spot, and years of searching for and ultimately finding his musical identity.
Jesse takes his craft and business as seriously as and with a dedication not unlike that of LL Cool J, who as some of you might not know, was a rapper in the 1980s. Much like LL Cool J, Jesse has taken his love of music and performing, and diversified, such as by: teaching, working at music shops and co-writing… all for the purpose of not wasting his gift/curse.
Please support the artists behind the music you hear on this, Calliope’s Radio featuring vocals by Dana K, of course Jesse Parent, and Kristina Stapelfeld. Tata! Love - Me. Featuring Todd Donald and Jesse Parent.
Episode links... Jesse Parent
Songs:Calliope’s Radio - “Goodnight Bell Hooks” [Live on The iTodd Lounge in 2008]Jesse Parent - “You Can Call Me Al” (from SOMEDAYS, TOMORROWS AND BEST LAID PLANS - 2019)Jesse Parent - “For A Moment” (from SOMEDAYS, TOMORROWS AND BEST LAID PLANS - 2019)Jesse Parent - “The Little Things” (from SOMEDAYS, TOMORROWS AND BEST LAID PLANS - 2019)Kristina Stapelfeld - “Back Of Your Neck” (from KRISTINA STAPELFELD - 2016)

Todd Donald

053 - Robin + Elaine

Taking another look away from the traditional guest book, I wanted to take a look inside the makings of a marketing a team, even if only once… and I think choosing Robin + Elaine, noted for both their personality as well as the personality of their "KW Famous" brand, was the right choice!! It’s palpable that my nervousness made them nervous a little bit to start, but ultimately we sank into a groove and when you listen to this you can get a sense of Robin and Elaine as people, that social media isn’t capable of showcasing.
With #kwfamous in mind, I spun the amazing brand new single by Paige Warner, an instant classic Mike Todd cut, a live podcast performance from A New Ground and the newest single by recent guest Jerelle. Please support the artists, even just by buying their singles and such on iTunes, that’s what I did!
Tata! Love - Me. Featuring Todd Donald, Elaine Decleir and Robin Lindner.
Episode links... Robin + Elaine, KW Famous
Songs:Paige Warner - I Don’t Need Boys (online, 2019)Mike Todd - Liar (from GOOD MAN - 2016)A New Ground - Get Close [Live on TDS - from episode 14)Jerelle - Demons (online, 2019)

Todd Donald

052 - Jessie T (vault stuff)

I took it easy on the vault stuff for a few months, didn't want you to get sick of it. But hey! It's time for you to enjoy a little mid-week helping of KW singer/songwriter Jessie T; gem from our record in February 2018 for "Todd's Café". I met Jessie at an open-mic not too long after she moved to town from Kingston, as a musical compadre. Since then she's been a judge on 'The Shot', performed all over the country, stays constantly busy, from songwriting competitions to showcases to pub gigs and more, and always makes time for friends! Not much has changed in the last couple years either.
This episode is a shorty, but a goody, and contains two sweet live-off-the-floor songs by Jessie T, including "Hellbound" and her new song "No Man's Land". Tata! Love - Me. Featuring Todd Donald and Jessie T.
PS: To those of you that don't brush and scrape off your winter-covered rear and side windows... STOP IT! Clean those shits off! I see you! Don't look away, you know i'm talking about you! CLEAN! THOSE! SHITS! OFF!
Episode links... Jessie T
Songs:Jessie T - Hellbound [Live on Todd's Café (February 2018)]
Jessie T - No Man's Land [Live on Todd's Café (February 2018)]

Todd Donald

051 - Carlotta Trenholm

Holy shiatsu! You don’t know how hard I had to resist titling the episode “You don’t know Shiatsu!” or something 90s like that. What we have here though, is a delightful and informative conversation with Carlotta Trenholm: Shiatsu therapist. She is a huge fan of local live music and a wonderfully offbeat person... and that was just our first bonding point. From there, I play ignorance on Shiatsu, I invite Carlotta to explain… and then it turns into this neat chat about existence and people. It’s pretty touchy/feely, is what i’m saying, but in a consentual and entertaining way, fraught with slap-stick-ery.
In addition, you’re getting spoiled on this one, a three song, live, acoustic set, by WR’s Jessie T, featuring her songs “Ain’t The Whiskey”, “Love Me Longer”, and a request I made from her album ‘Reckless Heart’, but you’ll have to listen to find out what song… ooh i’m being saucy!
You may be just finding out about these people, so like I always say: please follow the internet to their pages and find out how you can support! the! artist! That also goes for the other artists you can hear on this episode, including Vienna D’Amato Hall and the classic cuts by Matt York and Mo Pair.
Tata! Love - Me. Featuring Todd Donald, Carlotta Trenholm and Jessie T.
Episode links… Carlotta Trenholm on IG, Jessie T
Songs:Matt York - Mine [Live on The iTodd Lounge, 2008]Vienna D’Amato Hall - Like A Star (from LONG STAY HOTEL - 2019)Mo Pair - Julia (from one of Mo Pair’s 2000s albums)Jessie T - All Lit Up (Ain’t The Moonshine [Live on TDS]Jessie T - Love Me Longer [Live on TDS]Jessie T - La La Love [Live on TDS]

Todd Donald

050 - Tessa

It's episode 50!!! and I can't believe my longtime friend Tessa is finally a guest! You may know her work in Waterloo Region Crossing, the show Kitchener Sync, running for City Council and several live performances in the band The Short Films. Accolades aside, Tessa's always been one of my favourite people, just as a person... and while it's been a struggle to stay in touch or to arrange a time for this podcast to happen, i've always looked up to this forthright trooper a great deal. It's amazing what one human being is capable of, and I believe Tessa's one of those who leads by example of that. We talked about her many projects, adventures, and having weird, off-days.
In the mix, you'll enjoy Tessa performing an original song on the show, but you'll have to wait until the fourth song, and listen to us chat first. Sorry, not... Please support the artists you hear, including Glenna Garramone, The Good Lovelies, Mike Erb Trio and Mansionair! Clickity-clack!!! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Tessa.
Episode links... Waterloo Region Crossing, Kitchener Sync on Facebook, The Short Films on Facebook

Song list...Glenna Garramone - Maple Syrup (from SEASKY-STARSONG - 2009)The Good Lovelies - When The City Settles (from BURN THE PLAN - 2015)Mike Erb Trio - Take It Back (from EVERY LITTLE LIGHT - 2009)Tessa - Dirt [Live on The Todd Donald Show]Mansionair - We Could Wait (from SHADOWBOXER - 2019)

Todd Donald

049 - Sam Nabi

In this episode, Sam Nabi and I talked about things that no one on a podcast has ever talked about, like recording music, and how the internet’s changed over time-don’t laugh. We ALSO talked about Kitchener Waterloo, and how this area has seen his evolution from student & singer/songwriter, to businessman & poet/hip-hop artist; being one who focuses his lyrics on where he’s coming from, this world that exists in KW.
We talk about how we look at the past, present and future, as ourselves, as a community, as artists, as a species… it all seems to live in this wicked loop of examining the contrasts of our tenses. The highlight, somewhere in our bit of long-lost friends catching up and havin’ a time… is the update on the new music Sam’s been working on, including three live-off-the-floor performances. Enjoy!
Included with Sam’s new original songs, is some archived performance from earlier episodes you may have missed; including the amazing local artists, Twas Now and Jesse Parent!!! Go now and get your copies of the new “Somedays, Tomorrows and Best Laid Plans” album by Jesse Parent, and Twas Now’s still-spankin’ new album “Flesh & Bone”, on compact-disc, digital and more.. Nothing beats the real thing! : D Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Sam Nabi.

Episode links... Sam Nabi

Song List...Jesse Parent - Best Laid Plans [Live on TDS - from episode 20]Twas Now - Black Coffee [Live on TDS - from episode 9]Sam Nabi - Gaslight [Live on TDS]Sam Nabi - Port City [Live on TDS]Sam Nabi - Happy Place [Live on TDS]

Todd Donald

048 - Evan Corneil

Evan Corneil is now both a member of the Waterloo Region's music scene, and recently resident of the Waterloo Region. I was able to meet this nice feller at the Rhapsody Barrell Bar open-mic in DTK, he went up on stage and rocked his original material, and then he was also a sweet SOB to chat with. Having him over ended up with a few hours of hanging out, and then trying to rush this podcast... but that was still fun too. Enjoy this chat, including a trio of acoustic live-off-the-floor Evan Corneil tunes.
We talked about his small-town upbringing and musical influences, which unlike the rock n’ roll cliché, leads into some interesting stories of coercing people to play bass, dumping bands and coming up with intentionally stupid-but-awesome bandnames... and we could riff on that. Anyway, as I already said, sweet dude.
Included with Evan's original material, is some more music, by the amazing Amy Rola, and L.A.'s Jonah Ray. Please, if you enjoy any of the music you hear on this episode, go find the albums and support the artists!!! Nothing beats the real thing : D Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Evan Corneil and Todd Donald

Episode links... Evan Corneil on Soundcloud

Songs list...
Amy Rola - Missing Piece (from THE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES - 2016)Jonah Ray - Reptilicus (New Wave) (from YOU CAN'T CALL ME AL - 2019)
Evan Corneil - Farther To Fall [Live on TDS]
Evan Corneil - Don't Look Down [Live on TDS]
Evan Corneil - (I Know You Like) The Night Sky [Live on TDS]

Todd Donald

047 - Brittany Pyatt

I met comedian Brittany Pyatt at an open-mic at The Rich Uncle Tavern in Kitchener, and through a few more chats at local-live-music we made this podcast episode happen. Now, I would typically see a friend in pain and slow my roll as a goofball for the podcast to match, and we DID talk about a recent pain in the life of this stand-up act, but I still tried to use what I could as a springboard to zing the status quo, and make myself laugh. With understanding and resilience, it didn't affect our chat. Brittany is a funny and offbeat gal, who like many, is just trying to navigate the constantly under-construction, minefield of dating/relationships, which is not unlike trying to drive around a certain region I know... We also talked about movies! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Brittany Pyatt.
Here's the first posting in our new Thursday time-slot! Such has always been based on my work schedule, being that as much work as this takes, it's still the passion project and not the income generator, but you know this already. Featuring music by CityWide Panic, Jessie T, Mike Todd, Kristina Stapelfeld and Carly & Mark.

Episode links... Brittany Pyatt on Facebook
Song list...CityWide Panic - High Hopes (from JOHNNY'S GARAGE - EP - 2018)Jessie T - La La Love (from RECKLESS HEART - 2016)
Mike Todd - Feedin' You (from GOOD MAN - 2016)
Kristina Stapelfeld - Hemisphere (from KRISTINA STAPELFELD - 2016)Carly and Mark - Morning Light Praying (from NEW CITY MORNING - 2008)

Todd Donald

045 - Sarah Lexia

Quite a while ago, I started chatting about pop-culture with an Aussie on instagram. This conversation ultimately lead-to a "PLEASE be on the podcast". Now Sarah Lexia, an evolving internet personality, has allot in her own right to bring to the table and chat about, from professional dancing, to modelling and brand ambassador-ing... but you'll see here that we kept a loving focus, on Australia, and the wonderful performing talent that has emerged from there over the years. I really enjoyed the hangout, Sarah's personality shines and enabled me to be extra goofy.. and thanks to the flippin' Coffee Lodge Sarnia for letting me record there!!!
After that, I catch you up on tings such as I dunno, my article in The Community Edition!? Then I show you what my latest internet word-game attempt yielded... It's an experience that i've finally decided to round out, by implementing the "5 song rule" in which through the course of listening to the show, you'll hear 5 songs intros and all , whether or not 1-3 of them are performed by a musical guest live-off-the-floor. Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Sarah Lexia.

Episode links... Sarah Lexia on Instagram
Song list...Harriet Nauer - The Island (from STANDING AT THE HEAVENLY GATES - 2014)
Vienna D'Amato Hall - Surrender (from LONG STAY HOTEL - 2019)Stephen Trothen - Leaves (from LEARNS TO KNIT - 2008)Sue Passmore - 10 & 2 (from 87 MILES - 2006)The Lo-Fi Mind - So Bad (from 04/20/2014 - 2014)+ Down Under - Men At Work (cover by Bailey Pelkman)

Todd Donald

046 - Beware of HopeFest

With the manic-energy of a Sam Raimi film, Jerelle Fisher (MC) and Sofia Monaro (DJ/Keys) and their BEWARE brand, take the stage, leaving only rubble in the wake of their amazing live show. Personally, I’m of the cruising and blasting sort, either way there’s satisfaction to be had. Raw talent, raw expression, exquisite tracks, and you’re being taken on a journey, that’s all. As guests, I’ve never had an easier time moving through a recorded discussion and maintaining energy than with this twosome. Recently they rocked the Belmont Village Bestival in Waterloo, and they’ll be back in Waterloo for HopeFest THIS COMING SATURDAY… find out more on that in the episode.
I also managed to get KW’s Scene Dad Kyle Wappler of Have Hope over, mid-Beware-session, to hangout and instead of adding a solo-tag, I extended the outro into a full 2nd chat-record, with Kyle, talking all about HopeFest 2019, the scene, Have Hope and we even reminisced briefly on the legendary 519Punk era. In another life I would have been somewhere between my three guests in age, and we would be hanging out all the time, I fucking love’m all. Please listen and get the info. Obviously! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald, Jerelle Fisher, Sofia Monaro & Kyle Wappler.

Episode links... BEWARE, Jerelle Fisher on IG, Sofia Monaro on IG, Have Hope on Facebook, HopeFest 2019 facebook event
Songs list...Jerelle - Look No Further (feat. Raven J) (ONLINE SINGLE - 2019)Kali Kazoo - Delete My History (from BLEED DARKER & DEEPER THAN THE SEAS OF HELL - 2019)Jerelle - Don’t Miss (ONLINE SINGLE - 2019)Jerelle - Blue Flame (feat. KVNE) (ONLINE SINGLE - 2019)Jonah Ray - Welcome To (Amish) Paradise (from YOU CAN'T CALL ME AL - 2019)

Kitchener Baptist Sermons

Revelation Series: The One on the Throne (Part One)

Pastor Burns continues his series on Revelation and is currently in chapter four. Pastor Burns continues his series on Revelation and is currently in chapter four.

The post Revelation Series: The One on the Throne (Part One) appeared first on Kitchener Baptist Church.

Todd Donald

055 - Jesse Parent (Prequel)

As promised, here's a little ditty, published as Todd's Café: Episode 03 - Jesse Parent, on February 20th, 2018. Singer/songwriter and great friend Jesse Parent and I chit-chat, drink coffee, followed by some live acoustic performances. If this is your introduction to the podcast, and you want to hear more with Jesse, please continue to Episode 20, and 54 of this podcast. :). That's all for the write-up, I have editing to do for a new one! Love, Me!

Full Stack Radio

129: Evan You - What's Coming in Vue.js 3.0

In this episode, Adam talks to Evan You about all of the changes and improvements coming to Vue.js 3.0.

Topics include:

  • What were the first feature/change ideas that got the wheels turning for Vue 3
  • How Vue's underlying VNode data structure is changing and how that affects users who work directly with render functions
  • How the h function works in Vue 3 and how it helps you write code that's more composable
  • How many breaking changes are just removing deprecations vs. hard breaks and how a compatibility build is going to ease the upgrade process
  • The new template compiler and how it will drastically increase performance
  • What were the goals of the class-based component API and why was it cancelled?
  • The new composition API and how it will help you write more reusable logic without the downsides of mixins or scoped slots
  • A deep-dive into reactive vs. refs in the composition API
  • How the composition API compares to hooks in React
  • How provide/inject is being improved for Vue 3


  • Cloudinary, sign up and get 300,000 images/videos, 10GB of storage and 20GB of monthly bandwidth for free
  • DigitalOcean, get your free \$50 credit at do.co/fullstack


  • Vue 3 source code on GitHub
  • Vue RFCs
  • Vue 3 Composition API

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 26: Tent Encampment, Preston Springs Hotel, and Jay McKee

The opening monologue (0:56); Kitchener residents concerned with tent encampment in their neighbourhood (22:59); Haastown Holdings ordered to get engineer to inspect Cambridge's Preston Springs (43:59); Jay McKee out as coach of Rangers (1:04:31); Ontario considering new laws to allow dogs in restaurants (1:26:52); House of Friendship’s Christmas Hamper program Turkey Drive (1:47:38)


Chating about charcuterie and startups with Celine Brancier

We talk with Celine Brancier, officer manager at Sortable and new business owner with The Grazing Table KW.

Bossy Women

The woman behind your Brazilian wax 🧖🏼‍♀️ meet the owner of Bare Essentials

In today’s episode we are learning the origin story of everyone’s favourite aesthetician, Laurie Hannoush, or as you most likely know her the owner of Bare Essentials and @browsbylaurie_ ♦ in this episode, we’re learning the unexpected reason why Laurie got into the waxing business and her exciting plans for the future. Tune in!

Find Laurie & Bare Essentials Online:





This is a podcast dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs and providing tips, advice, and inspiration for aspiring girl bosses. We sit down with women business owners from Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond to learn from their entrepreneurial journeys – put your headphones in and be ready to get bossy!

Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date and for daily inspiration:





Mike Farwell Show

Nov 25: Ontario Liberal Leadership, Hong Kong Democracy, and Rant or Rave

The opening monologue (0:56); Ontario Liberal leadership race begins in earnest (22:36); Hong Kong voters deliver landslide victory for pro-democracy campaigners (43:36); The Noteworthy Singers (1:04:28); Rant or Rave (1:27:18)

CKMS 102.7 FM: Radio Waterloo

CKMS Community Connections for 25 November 2019 with Erso: Veda Hingert-McDonald and Keenan Reimer-Watts

Show Notes Podcast Index Bonus Footage Photo Gallery Show Notes Erso is a musical duo from Kitchener, Ontario. They sing songs about the planet and the beautiful life on it. Erso is Veda Hingert-Mcdonald and Keenan Reimer-Watts. Erso Online: Website: Erso Music Facebook: Erso – Home Instagram: Keenan Reimer-Watts is @reimerwatts YouTube: Erso, Keenan Reimer-Watts, and Veda Hingert-McDonald … Continue reading CKMS Community Connections for 25 November 2019 with Erso: Veda Hingert-McDonald and Keenan Reimer-Watts →