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Andrew Coppolino

Food fit for gods: Ambrosia’s kouign-amann

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Thanks to local baker and food entrepreneur, Aura Hertzog, I discovered the kouign-amann a few years ago. It’s simply a divine pastry.

When you make a bread, pasta or pizza dough, you use water to integrate the particles of the flour. With some elbow grease and some time, the activity produces quite a delicious result, as eating freshly baked and still-warm bread will tell you.

However, when you add fat to the flour, then you have something that is even more magical – pastry.

Laminated dough

Into that magical category falls the little-known Breton pastry kouign-amann (pronounced “queen amahn”), the flakey cake that is likely made in only one bakery in Waterloo Region, Ambrosia Corner Bakery, a business that moved from Waterloo to the Central Frederick neighbourhood of downtown Kitchener a couple of years ago.

The kouign-amann is a member of a class of pastries called laminated doughs. Essentially a croissant with yeasted dough and butter, the kouign-amann has lots of sugar which helps produce a thick, chewy-crunchy and caramelized morsel.

“Traditionally, it’s about eight to ten inches in diameter and flat. The first time I had it in Montreal, I said, ‘Whoa! This is a really different taste and texture because of the caramelization,’” says Ambrosia owner Hertzog.

So, she started making them in a smaller version than that of Breton.

“Way more butter”

The difference in the ingredients comes down to ratio. “There’s way more butter,” says Hertzog. “There’s a lot more sugar too, so that when it cooks you still get a lot layers but not the big open layers like a croissant. You get that caramelization.”

The dough is shaped into a circle and then Hertzog pulls over the edges in four spots and gently pushes down on the pastry after it proofs. “It then looks like a flower,” she says.

♦Heavenly butter and caramelized sugar (Photo/Andrew Coppolino).

Other true bakers in the area could make kouign-amann, but Hertzog cites a camaraderie and a network among them, perhaps like the ancient guild system. “There’s a respect that’s given,” she says. “I’m not making a cruffin, for instance, because that is Golden Hearth’s territory, and they’re amazing. But we sell their bread here on Thursdays.”

Customers unfamiliar with the pastry are immediately impressed. “You can’t really describe it until you’ve had one,” she says. “People are familiar with a wide range of croissants, but this is very different.”

Difficult, time-consuming, delicious

However, kouign-amann are difficult and time-consuming to make, which is one reason they’re only available Thursday to Saturday. “We start making them on Monday with a pre-ferment,” says Hertzog. The many folds in the dough-making process are done by hand rather than with a dough sheeter. “Not to mention how expensive butter is now,” she adds.

As for whether she prefers the kouign-amann to the croissant, Hertzog won’t say. “They both have their place,” she says, answering as if she’s been asked to choose her favourite kid.

“The kouign-amann is definitely more of an indulgence. It also has a longer shelf life and tastes great even a couple of days later, unlike a croissant.”


Ambrosia Corner Bakery
324 Frederick Street
Kitchener, ON  N2H 2N8

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Andrew Coppolino

Pasta puttanesca

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I always snicker slightly (but silently) when ordering fettuccine or spaghetti “alla puttanesca” at a restaurant: it translates as “prostitute’s pasta.”

As a spicy dish, puttanesca (“puttana” is Italian for whore) seductively intertwines luscious tomatoes, spices, nippy onions, salty anchovies and briny capers, heady oregano, and earthy black olives.

Good olive oil is the panderer that holds all the ingredients together marvellously. It’s a favourite dish of mine.

In downtown Kitchener, 271 West has a linguine puttanesca on the menu, as does Casa Rugantino in Belmont Village.

One theory, the claim supported by the model of basic puttanesca supply-and-demand, suggests that U.S. soldiers entering Italian cities during the Second World War were lured by the aroma of this rich mixture being cooked by ladies of pleasure.

Other treats may or may not have invariably followed dinner.

Anyway … enjoy the spicy dish!

[Image/wikimedia commons]

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Jaclyn Wingfield

Shirt jackets to transition your wardrobe into fall

As a follow up to my post on knit sweaters to add to your closet for fall, here is a roundup of shirt jackets to transition your wardrobe into fall. The best part is that you can layer these with…

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James Davis Nicoll

Somewhere After Midnight / Atlan (Atlan, volume 3) By Jane Gaskell

1965’s Atlan is the third volume in Jane Gaskell’s sword-and-sorcery Atlan series … unless you purchased 1963’s The Serpent before it was divided into The Dragon (1975) and The Serpent (1975), in which case Atlan is the second volume. It was followed by two other volumes in the series, The City (1966) and Some Summer Lands (1977).

Naïve, cosseted Cija, having survived many unpleasant educational experiences, has married man-serpent Zerd, now Emperor of Atlan. One might think this would confer on Cija a measure of security, but no, Cija is beset on all sides. 

Adam Wathan

Componentizing a Dashboard with Tailwind CSS


Github: Brent Litner

brentlintner starred waydroid/waydroid

♦ brentlintner starred waydroid/waydroid Sep 25, 2021 waydroid/waydroid

Python 1.8k Updated Sep 26

Knox Waterloo Presbyterian Church

September 26, 2021


Call to Worship

One: Our help is in the name of the Lord,
All: who made heaven and earth.
One: Today we open our hearts and minds to the grace of Christ,
All: offering to God the gift of ourselves in thanksgiving and in discipleship.

Hymn #321: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
Words: Joachim Neander (1650-1680);
The Hymnal 1940, alt Music: S Gesangbuch (1665)
OneLicense #59408ada02c23

Welcome & Gathering Prayer, Lord’s Prayer

Assurance of God’s Grace

Peace Invocation: Calm me, Lord
Words David Adam, Music Margaret Rizza
© 1998, Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Admin. and sub-published by GIA Publications, Inc., OneLicense #35778

Calm me, Lord as you calmed the storm;
Still me, Lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease;
Enfold me Lord, in your peace.

A Story for the Whole Community
The Orange Shirt Story, a book by Phyllis Webstad


Esther 7:1-6, 9-10; 9:20-22
Mark 9:38-50

Reflection: God Sends Us Forth – Mary-Catherine Pazzano
Words & Music Tony E. Alfonso, © 2009, GIA Publications, Inc. OneLicense #78376

Wondering…about the gift of self

Hymn #225: A new commandment
Words: John 13:34,35. Music: Anonymous.
Arrangement: The Australian Hymnbook, 1977. CCLI # 4540290

Life and Ministry of Knox Waterloo

Invitation to the Offering

Offertory: You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Sophie Kim, piano (Randy Newman, arr. Kirsten Mosca)


Words & Music Brian Doerksen and Steve Mitchinson © 1999, Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire), CCLI #2580326

We come to you with a song of praise, for your love,
The music of our soul’s delight, brought with love.
We come to you with a heart of thanks, for your love;
An offering of all we are, brought with love.

All creation, looks to you.
All provision comes from you.
In ev’ry sunrise, hope shines through.
For your mercy, we thank you.

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Hope

Hymn #636: When voices are confusing
Words: Miriam Drury (1900-1985)
Music: WH Ferguson (1874-1950) OneLicense #57018


Sending Song: #777 Send me, Lord/Thuma Mina
Words South African (Zulu) traditional, Music South African traditional; arrangement Anders Nyberg © 1984, Walton Music Corporation OneLicense #592e04d40c50a

  1. Leader: Thuma Mina:
    All: Thuma mina (x3) Somandla.
  2. Leader: Send me, Lord:
    All: Send me, Jesus; (x3) Send me, Lord.
  3. Leader: Lead me, Lord:
    All: Lead me, Jesus; (x3); Lead me, Lord.
  4. Leader: Fill me, Lord:
    Congregation: Fill me, Jesus (x3) fill me, Lord.


Worship Leaders: The Rev. Courtney Crawford, The Rev. Hugh Donnelly, Mary-Catherine Pazzano
Tech Team: Ben Breen, Kathleen Forde, Joe Gordon
Copyright: CCLI License #2580326. Onelicense A-713805 Images and videos used with permission.

Knox Waterloo Presbyterian Church

This Week at Knox – Sept 24

We acknowledge that Knox Waterloo is located on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral Peoples. Read the full Territorial Acknowledgement.


This week we will explore a difficult text from Mark, and ponder the story of Esther as an example of discipleship. September 30th is Orange Shirt Day. In the spirit of healing and reconciliation, please consider wearing an orange shirt this Sunday as we worship. The scripture readings this week are: Esther 7:1-6, 9-10; 9:20-22. Read it here.
Mark 9:38-50. Read it here.

Download this week’s bulletin.

Livestream the service.
Listen on 98.5 CKWR FM radio.
Access the Knox YouTube channel.
Make a Gift to Knox

Youth Walk in the Park

Carole and Brianna want to meet and welcome all grade 7-12 youth on Saturday, September 25th, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm (weather dependent). Meet us at Knox and we will walk to Waterloo Park! Let’s reconnect, see friends and win a prize! RSVP to Carole.  UPDATE: Carole will contact you early Saturday to confirm or cancel the event!

Sunday School Registration for 2021-2022!

Please register for the upcoming year
so we have up-to-date contact information and consents.
Thank you! Register here.


Logos starts Thursday, October 7th 4:30-6:30.
Hope to see you there!

Logos Parent Night – Mandatory Attendance!
If you missed the in person meeting, you must attend the
online meeting, September 26th @ 7:30 pm.

Email logos@knoxwaterloo.ca or visit the LOGOS website for more information.

Food For Thought Resumes This Week!

If you’re university-age (a student, working, or in-between), you’re invited to join Food for Thought online at 6:30 pm, beginning this Sunday evening, Sept. 26th.  We gather each week for study, discussion, and prayer, and the theme this fall is Feasting & Faith: A Look at Meals in Scripture.  Contact Nancy Matthews for the Zoom link or questions. Newcomers are especially welcome!

Climate Conversations The Global Partners Committee is hosting climate conversations this coming week. Space is limited but Tuesday, September 28 at 1:30 pm still has a couple of spots available. Register here.                          NEW YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY  ♦ Initial In-person Gathering Monday, October 4th at 7:30pm at Knox Waterloo. Hugh & Courtney are hosting this new ministry striving to create new ways to connect with high school grads and a range of young adults, especially those who are local to the KW area currently. We hope to create a safe and brave space where no questions are off limits, and where together we can engage in progressive and inclusive theological conversation. Reach out to Courtney or Hugh if you are interested or have any questions.
If you plan on attending please REGISTER so we can set up the space safely for the number of people expected. Jordan’s Principle ♦ Recently, Rev. Mark Gedcke challenged us to learn more about Jordan’s Principle which states that all Indigenous children should have equitable access to the same services as non-Indigenous children, and that they should not be subject to arguments as to which level of government should pay for which service.
Following, are some helpful resources:

  1. Seven Fallen Feathers.Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City, by Tanya Talaga.  Although this book is not about Jordan, it does touch on his story and the development of Jordan’s Principle.
  2. Truth and Reconciliation.Calls to Action.Call to Action # 3 states:  We call upon all levels of government to fully implement Jordan’s Principle.
  3. Jordan River Anderson.  The Messenger.  This is a one-hour TVO documentary, produced by Alanis Obomsawin.
  4. In addition, more information can be found online by searching “Jordan’s Principle” or “Jordan Miller Anderson”.

A key figure in advocating for Jordan and for all Indigenous children is Cindy Blackstock.  Read about her in “Extraordinary Canadians” by Peter Mansbridge, this year’s choice for “One Book, One Community”.  Cindy, along with Eddy Robinson, has written Spirit Bear and Children Make History.  This book, geared for a younger audience, is currently out of print, but is available as a PDF file and at the public library.

Ride for Refuge Join Team Knox Waterloo to Ride for Refuge (i.e., from hunger) by supporting PWS&D on Saturday, October 2, 2021. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations reports that in 2020 close to 811 million people went hungry due to climate change, conflict and the economic fallout from COVID-19. PWS&D hopes to raise $20,000 for their food security programs around the world. The Knox congregation can participate by either joining Team Knox to fundraise or by donating in support of the team. For details, click here.

Knox In-Person Worship

Knox is open for in-person worship! You will need to reserve your seat online  and follow health and safety protocols. Once again, if you have difficulties with the online registration system, give the office a call.


“The work of reconciliation never ends — it is what we were created in Christ to do.”
— Dr. John M. Perkins



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Elmira Advocate


Well done again and again to the Record. Twice this week they have pricked the balloon of environmental superiority often displayed by our local authoities. On Monday it was a discription of toxic sediments (dioxins) 28 times higher than the federal criteria in a drain/creek discharging into the Canagagigue Creek which in turn discharges into our nationally designated Heritage River, the Grand. Today it is a reminder that simply stocking the Upper Grand with brown trout every year does not guarantee that the river water is clean enough to support these fish through their normal lifespans. There are ongoing issues requiring improved sewage treatment prior to discharge to the Grand River as well as keeping development away from the river hence lessening erosion and allowing both cooling and water absortion by trees and vegetation on the river banks and along the river. ................................................................................................................................... Money talks and always has, very loudly. Hence our political system has long been captured by the wealthy and powerful who then use that political power to reduce encumbrances on their ability to constantly make more money. These encumbrances specifically include environmental protections that may either slow or lessen the money spigot for developers, manufacturers and others. Deregulation is the favourite term of those on the right of the political spectrum. They would like a return to the good old days when local rivers stank, were discoloured and even filled with soapsuds (phosphates). The idea that they should be financially and morally responsible for their own waste waters and solids is foreign to them. ..................................................................................................... I advise readers and the general public to watch carefully how our authorities respond. I expect more lip service and throwing out of catchwords like "world class" fisheries. Wouldn't it be nice as well as healthier if instead of words they actually spent more both on improved cleanup research as well as on proven wastewater treatment?

Angstrom Engeneering

Reticle 300 | High Throughput Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD)


Kitchener Rangers

Game Day Central – Sept. 24th vs. Mississauga

The Kitchener Rangers take on the Mississauga Steelheads for our second home Exhibition Game at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. The Rangers will play in front of a sold-out crowd of 1000 tonight. Roman Schmidt, Francesco Pinelli, Martin Has, Declan McDonnell, Donovan Sebrango and Arber Xhekaj are currently attending NHL Training Camps and will not be playing in the game tonight. Ty Hollett will be making his debut with the Rangers after returning from Ottawa Senators Rookie Camp. Brenden Anderson has also been called up for tonight's game. MEDIA KIT LINES GAME ROSTER   SCORE

Code Like a Girl

What Is the "Equality Can't Wait Challenge" and How Does It Empower Women?

In June 2020, Melinda French Gates and MacKenzie Scott launched the first-ever "Equality Can't Wait Challenge." This project initially intended to award $40 million in grants to organizations or coalitions with the most convincing proposals submitted. The four winning projects were announced in July, and each earned $10 million to launch their ideas into action. Two runner-ups were awarded $4 million apiece.

The Equality Can't Wait Challenge is the first of its kind in the United States. No other competition focused on gender equality has offered such a high reward for women. The project aims to expand the power and influence of females in the United States by 2030, and the goal is that the funds will promote progress toward gender equality.

The Goals of the Challenge

Pivotal Ventures, French Gates' company, partnered with MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett and Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies for the first time to provide funding for the Equality Can't Wait Challenge. The initiation of the Black Lives Matter movement spotlighted the injustices faced by Black Americans every day. The COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously struck the country, which has brought attention to the barriers that millions of Americans, including women and people of color, face to achieve success.

The Equality Can't Wait Challenge acknowledges that progress has been made for women's rights through awareness and activism efforts. However, the lack of women in power proves that these efforts are not moving fast enough. The Equality Can't Wait Challenge was founded to encourage collaboration among women to develop ideas that aim to reduce barriers that prevent women from succeeding.

Who Won the Challenge?

The Challenge received over 550 proposals for consideration. After many steps of project evaluation, finalists were chosen to compete for the available grants. The winners included Native, Black, and multiracial groups of women who aimed to create resources for underrepresented individuals in their communities.

The awarded funds will support caregivers, the majority of whom are women. It encourages them to pursue careers in technology, providing opportunities for young women to navigate barriers and achieve a college education and enter male-dominated professions. The program also focuses on uplifting Native women in entrepreneurship. Additionally, the projects receiving $4 million awards featured calls to action to advocate for survivors of intimate partner violence and equipping women to pursue political roles in government.

Setting the Stage

Pivotal Ventures notes that the Challenge calls for other organizations and individuals to follow their lead and provide funding to projects helping women. The Challenge proves there is no shortage of ideas, as it launched a website to share the top ideas that fell short of a monetary award.

Equity among all individuals is at the forefront of social conversations. The tech industry has identified a lack of gender equality in the workplace. Moreover, various technological functions, like credit scoring, video game development, and facial recognition systems, contribute to the structural violence against Black and Brown Americans, especially women in those communities. The best ways to combat these issues are to fund opportunities and resources for those within the oppressed communities and support Black-owned businesses.

Despite the barriers they face, women continue to make monumental contributions. For example, the Women in Technology event highlighted the impact of women in technology fields. Their varied backgrounds contributed to their expertise, especially in artificial intelligence (AI). The focus was on AI advancements that women have spearheaded.

Women Make a Difference

The Equality Can't Wait Challenge proves there are steps to be taken to advance gender equity between men and women. French Gates provides an excellent example to invest in women and girls, especially those who aim to create a landscape that empowers others.

French Gates and her partners have set a standard for other individuals with abundant wealth to support causes centered on societal advancement. The funding granted will help organizations and individuals create a world where young girls and women have more opportunities to succeed.

What Is the "Equality Can't Wait Challenge" and How Does It Empower Women? was originally published in Code Like A Girl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Kitchener Rangers

OHL Moving to Expanded Fan Capacities Starting September 25

  Toronto, Ont. – The Ontario Hockey League today announced that following the Government of Ontario’s expansion of spectator capacity limits at indoor sporting venues, the League’s 17 Ontario-based facilities will be welcoming up to 50 percent of their respective fan capacities for games beginning Saturday, September 25. “The regular season is fast approaching and it’s an exciting time for everyone,” said OHL Commissioner David Branch. “This announcement only amplifies that energy as the League and its member teams look forward to welcoming more of our great fans into venues across the province.” The 2021-22 OHL Regular Season gets underway on Thursday, October 7, kicking-off a Thanksgiving long weekend that includes 21 games on the Opening Week schedule. “We remain grateful for our continued conversations with the Government and public health officials led by Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Sport Lisa MacLeod and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore,” Branch added. “The League continues to put the health and safety of its players, staff, officials, fans, billets and the communities in which they reside at the forefront as we embark on the new season.” The OHL Pre-Season schedule continues tonight with six games on the schedule.

Andrew Coppolino

Seriously good: Graffiti Market Detroit pizza

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Graffiti Market
137 Glasgow Street
Kitchener, ON N2G 4X8
(519) 514-1820

Both in the culinary world and here in Waterloo Region, Detroit-style pizza is relatively little known. But, holy smokes, is it ever good.

One of few Detroit practitioners in the region is Graffiti Market in Kitchener’s Catalyst137 complex on Glasgow Street at Belmont Avenue.

With unique interactive tables that are a story unto themselves, there’s a lot going on at Graffiti Market – the unique pizza included.

The primary cook behind the development and preparation of the thick pie is Brian McCourt, culinary director of the Ignite Restaurant Group, the company which owns Graffiti Market.

McCourt visited historic Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit and returned needing to make this style of pizza at Graffiti.

“We knew we wanted to do something different in the region, and the Detroit visit was a game-changer. The caramelized cheese crust, the light crispy and airy dough. It blew my mind,” McCourt says.

♦Very filling: enough for two? (Photo/Andrew Coppolino).

Like many foods, there’s a myth here: for Detroit pizza, it is that in the post-WWII years, cooks put together deep and meaty pizzas and baked them in rectangular pans with two- or three-inch sides that had been used in the automotive industry.

The certain truth is that the deep dish pans help create an essential element of the pizza’s quality: a thick, caramelized crust, about an inch deep, that is at once crisp and chewy. It’s truly delicious.

Detroit-style dough, in its Graffiti iteration, is high in moisture. “It’s 75 percent hydration, like focaccia,” McCourt says. By comparison, a standard white bread has a flour to water ratio at about 60 percent.

After fermenting for several hours, the dough is spread out in the deep pans – but only after the pans have been coated generously with butter and olive oil. “That means flavour and caramelization,” says McCourt.

There are seven pizzas on the current menu: from the simplicity of a Margherita (buffalo Mozzarella and basil) to the ten-ingredient laden Southern Hospitality (which, improbably, includes braised collard greens and coffee porter).

With a good dosing of cheese and San Marzano tomatoes (the sauce goes on top), the pie is cooked in a special Italian-made oven with bottom heat only.

Prices start at $20 for a small. But hold on: it’s an immense amount of food; the Can I Kick It (part of the menu’s Hip Hop thematics) pizza is four large slices that weigh 26 ounces – that’s over a pound and a half of food.

It includes fennel sausage made by Kitchener’s ForeQuarter Butcher Shop, a few hot peppers, red onions, basil, Italian parsley and fennel pollen on the finish.

There’s also some seriously good beer made on premises by their sister company Red Circle Brewing Co.

Finally, I need to add that, for me, a Detroit-style pizza, like that at Graffiti Market, reminds me of my Sicilian Nonna’s rectangular pizza, perhaps its closest relative. Thick yet crisp, the edges of the crust were nicely browned.

“It’s probably my favourite flavour combination for pizza,” says McCourt of the Kick It. “This is seriously the best pizza in the world.”


Check out my latest post Seriously good: Graffiti Market Detroit pizza from Andrew Coppolino - World of Flavour.


Aquanty: Proud Sponsor of The Groundwater Project

We’re proud to announce that Aquanty is a sponsor of The Groundwater Project, an international non-profit effort to disseminate high-quality educational material on groundwater resources. This initiative will help people all around the world to learn about groundwater and how it relates to and sustains the ecological systems that humanity relies on.

The project began when the authors of the famous Groundwater textbook (Freeze & Cherry, 1979) made the textbook available for free online with the help of Hydrogeologists Without Border. To this date, Freeze & Cherry has been translated to seven languages, and the Groundwater Project continues to advance it’s mission with an extra 18 educational books (all available for free to anyone) that have been downloaded over 32,000 times!

The Groundwater Project continues to seek volunteers and funding to translate these works to as many languages as possible, and to bring more important hydrogeology knowledge into the open domain. Aquanty encourages everyone in our community to read more and get involved in this amazing project. The world needs more initiatives like this!

artsawards Waterloo Region

AAWR 2020 Awards Night


Catherine Fife MPP

Ford held back $5.6 billion that should have been used to protect Ontarians: NDP

Public Accounts show Conservatives massively underspent, allowed third wave to batter Ontario QUEEN'S PARK — Doug Ford withheld $5.6 billion that should have been used to protect Ontario families from COVID, put more nurses and PSWs into health care and make schools and daycares safer, say NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh and NDP Finance critic Catherine Fife.
The newly released 2020-21 Public Accounts of Ontario show the Ford Conservatives massively underspent its own budget for critical services, including withholding $3.5 billion budgeted for health care.
“He had the money. He didn’t want to spend it on people,” said Singh. “This is a gut punch to parents who are sending their children to schools and daycares that Doug Ford should have and could have made safer. It’s a blow to workers who don’t have enough paid sick days. It’s demoralizing for front line health care heroes who are understaffed, feeling disrespected, and burnt out. And it’s infuriating for small businesses and their staff — who have taken hit after hit because of Ford’s choices.”

This public accounts update comes just after the independent Financial Accountability Officer showed that Doug Ford has not spent one dime yet in of the $2.7 billion dollars in funding set aside for COVID response in the 2021 budget.
“The public accounts report shows that Doug Ford could have blunted the third wave. He chose not to,” said Fife. “And every time Doug Ford refuses to spend money on services families count on, it’s real families like ours that pay the price. From seniors living and dying in horrifying conditions, to small businesses condemned to closing their doors forever, to our loved ones waiting in pain for a procedure or surgery backlogged during the pandemic, Ford could have helped, and he didn’t.
“What would the NDP do differently? We’d hire people in health care and long-term care urgently. We’d invest in a safe schools plan for our children. We’d beef up public health units instead of cutting them, as Ford is doing. We’d help small businesses, workers and the tourism sector. And we’d be there for municipalities now struggling with shortfalls, because they’ve been doing everything they can to pick up Ford’s slack.”

Kitchener Rangers

Kitchener Rangers add Trio to Hockey Operations Staff

Kitchener ON, The Kitchener Rangers are pleased to announce that Jordan DeKort will fill the role of Goaltending Coach, Hendrix Hanes will come aboard as Video Coach, and Olivia Terenzio as Hockey Operations and Analytics Coordinator. Jordan is an alumnus of the Kitchener Rangers (Goaltender 2013-14) and founded GameChangers, a workshop for young athletes that empowers them to be change-makers on their teams and in their communities. Jordan played in the OHL from 2011-2015, playing for The Windsor Spitfires, Kitchener Rangers, and Barrie Colts. He also went on to win a bronze medal with the Canadian WHC U17 Team in 2011-12. Both Hendrix and Olivia worked previously with the Rangers on the Analytics team.  

Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Blog

10 Tips for Buying a Cottage in Ontario

Buying a cottage is a dream come true for many Ontarians, but it can also be tricky to navigate if you don’t know how to start. A cottage is very different from purchasing a home in the suburbs or city. Before you start hunting for a cottage in Ontario, it’s best to identify and adjust your expectations so that you are only viewing properties that match your vision. Here are ten factors that you need to consider if you want to find a cottage that fits your family’s unique needs.


Location is always important whether you are purchasing a cottage or a home. Do you want to live near a lake in the forest? Or would you prefer to have a cottage in a clearing not too far from town? Where you want your cottage will limit your options from the start. 

Multi-Seasonal Use

Consider whether your ideal cottage is a property that you want to use in the summer months only or year-round. If you are looking for a home that you can use in the winter, make sure the property can be winterized with good insulation and heating, quality doors and windows, and upgraded utilities that won’t freeze. Additionally, it’s important that the property has access to water year-round, and can be accessed by car in the snow.  

Lake Size

For most people, the thrill of a cottage includes an accessible lake. However, lake size will dictate what activities you can do at your cottage. For instance, a smaller lake will be perfect for fishing but not ideal for boating. A large lake will let you do almost any water activity but can get noisy at times because of the presence of motorboats. A medium lake is a mixture of the two but may have limitations for activities like water skiing.

Shoreline Type 

Do you prefer access to a beach or boat ramp? Shoreline matters, so think carefully before jumping into buying a cottage just because of its close proximity to your home.

Internet Access 

Ontario is vast, and not every scenic area has access to the internet. If internet access is important to you, then specify this in your search from the start. On the other hand, if spending the weekends disconnected appeals to you, then the lack of internet access could actually be a selling point.

Access to the Sun 

Regardless of where you purchase your cottage, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Consider how you want the sun to fall on your cottage and keep in mind that if you choose a cottage in the dense woods you may not receive much sun at all.


For some people, the thrill of a cottage is that it sits alone near the lake or off in the woods. For others who are naturally social, the idea of a cottage along a shared coastline or in a cluster within the woods is equally thrilling. Consider the level of privacy you desire while shopping around.

Boat or Car Access 

Accessibility plays a large role in the price of the cottage to purchase and maintain. Usually, cottages that are only accessible by boat will cost less, but then you need to factor in the costs of maintaining a boat year-round. Those who plan to travel to their cottage year-round will need to choose car access or invest in snowmobiles once the ice freezes over. 

Shoreline Development

Understanding the shoreline development opportunities and limitations is key if you are buying a cottage near the water. If you plan to build a boathouse or dock, make sure that you own the shoreline as well. 

Best Time to Buy 

In Ontario, fall is an ideal time to buy a new cottage. If you want to secure a good deal and can wait until fall then you should do so.

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Elmira Advocate


Normally if I reproduce a letter or Delegation to TAG it is after the fact. In other words I've respectfully sent it to TAG members first which is appropriate in the vast majority of situations. Today I'm posting it here first, however that is not meant as a gesture of disrespect to most of the honest, sincere TAG members. I think my readers know me well enough to know that if I decide to disrespect somebody (eg. Lanxess, GHD, MECP) then I will do it bluntly and straight up. .......................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................... ..................................................................................Sept. 24/21 .................................................................................................................. I certainly expect that all TAG members have seen last Monday's article in the Waterloo Region Record titled "Chemicals found in drain to Elmira's creek" written by Leah Gerber. Yes that is the same Leah Gerber who virtually attends the public TAG meetings. For any who haven't read it on your own or received a copy via Woolwich Township or Lisa Schaefer then I hope you are asking yourself the question "Why haven't I?". ............................................................................................................... Leah's article is revealing for some of the excuses Lanxess and fellow travellors are and will be making as to why sediments found in the bottom of the Stroh Drain at 24.4 ppt. TEQ (dioxin) and at .027 ppm. DDD, both much higher than the criteria, are somehow not significant. The dioxin/furan highest result of three exceedances out of four detections actually exceeds 92% of the TEQ sediment detections in the 2020 Canagagigue Creek Sediment & Soil Investigation and exceeds a whopping 94% of the TEQ sediment detections in the 2017 Canagagigue Creek Sediment & Soil Investigations. .............................................................................................................. Those results are a smoking gun unto themselves. Combine them with soil exceedances of both dioxins and DDT compounds along the Stroh/Lanxess property line (but on the Stroh property) and the extent of encroachment of Uniroyal Chemical toxic compounds upon the Stroh farm becomes clearer. Then add in NDMA found in groundwater cross-gradient 240 metres to the east and suddenly major gravity flowing, leaking toxic waste pits and ponds becomes more like a flood. While NDMA was found cross-gradient by groundwater flow direction it was detected downgradient by surface water, gravity flow. Then realize that by 1969-70 these discharges ended and hence what you are looking at are dangerous concentrations still existing more than half a century later. ..................................................................................................................... The evidence of neglect at the minimum and negligence not being the maximum (there is worse) leads rational and honest people to question the intent, integrity, competence and credibility of the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE/MECP). ................................................................................................................... Lastly there seems to be a rumour going around that actually soil samples have been taken in and around the Stroh Drain albeit not by the appropriate authorities who should have done it between seven and thirty years ago. To date only two out of fiteen soil samples have been analyzed specifically for dioxin/furans and both samples detected them. I know about this rumour because I started it in my Elmira Advocate blog. ........................................................................................................................ To date the MOE/MECP have not requested the lab report from me. Perhaps they are embarassed regarding their behaviour in assisting Chemtura and Woolwich Township in scrapping CPAC in 2015. Perhaps they continue to not want to know the obvious. Just imagine the red faces, embarassment, shame and loss of credibility they will suffer if and when the true extent of toxic contamination on the Stroh property is found and confirmed. It would be almost as bad as when the long promised, allegedly fully protected Elmira wellfields were discovered contaminated by Uniroyal Chemical in November 1989. ............................................................................................................. Alan Marshall CPAC & EH-Team member

Code Like a Girl

Best Practices Every Software Development Service Provider Should Practice in 2021

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

2. 5 Best Practices for Your Software Development Process

2.1 Simple And Transparent Code

2.2 Keeping Process Customer-Focused

2.3 Keep Documenting Your Progress

2.4 Get Global Acknowledgement With Development Standards

2.5 Test Continuously

3. How to choose the right software development company for your project

4. Final Thoughts


In these modern times, the pressure on software developers has never been greater. This is because the demand for technology is increasing, and the software development process isn’t simple. These make it collectively challenging for programmers to consistently achieve higher quality apps that meet end-user needs.

It is important to apply proper coding and review standards to make it possible to operate in short sprints, so make sure your development process functions efficiently. And your repository management procedure must involve branching, merging, and pull requests.

However, instead of sticking to some of the industry’s most reliable practices, software developers can keep up with the tech world’s fast-evolving nature and deliver the best to the software market. As we all know, the software development company is a fast-changing industry leveraged by cutting-edge technologies and scalable methodologies. So, make sure to choose a top-notch software development service provider like Tatvasoft that helps you to empower your business and take it to the next level.

In this article, we’re going to discuss software development best practices that will help you to keep your development projects simple, cost-effective, and of course, high quality. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

5 Best Practices for Your Software Development Process1. Simple And Transparent Code

To make your development process effective and easy, make sure to write code simple and transparent. It helps developers to eliminate unwanted complexity in software development projects. The code simplicity movement goes hand in hand with other software principles such as DRY, included in the book The Pragmatic Programmer, and YAGNI, a mantra in agile development.

Verify the following checkpoint that will let you know whether your code is simplified and effortless:

  • Easily testable
  • Your code has logic boundaries only on a single domain
  • Your code should be longer than your comments
2. Keeping Process Customer-Focused

The customer plays a vital role in the software development process — from product service, scoping to product definition to product validation to ideation. So always take their opinions and ideas into consideration while software development.

The software development innovators promote and launch new products that provide unique benefits to their customers. They strive for a more desirable value for the customers’ money and achieve customers’ requirements than other related products.

Always ensure to have a deep insight and knowledge of customers’ requirements and desires. You can accomplish this by operating closely with customers and identifying their needs through feedback, polls, or surveys. Do in-depth market research to determine the product specifications fulfilling customers’ views in mind.

3. Keep Documenting Your Progress

Make sure to document everything that you will require when you start the project. It will help you to be reminded of what your core values and goals are. Well, documentation will also help you to be in sync with your clients’ requirements. Apart from the project as a whole, documentation should also be done on your code.

Most useful practices are the ones that are the most tedious but will result in more gains in the long run. We know that documenting your project and code is a challenging task, but it will help you troubleshoot multiple problems that you may overlook on your software project.

4. Get Global Acknowledgement With Development Standards

Choosing the right and suitable software development standards is important for your software development process. Obtaining an ISO certification for your software development involves some benefits such as:

  • It helps to improve your projects working with ISO standards, boosts productivity, and manages a high-quality working atmosphere.
  • It accommodates your software with a universal appearance that would allow you to work with clients all across the world.

So, ensure to make an accurate choice when looking for a reliable organization. Check their offers and choose the best one that satisfies your requirements.

5. Test Continuously

Testing continuously will give you more self-confidence in your code quality and ensure that the code aligns with user requirements. So make sure that all your software development components work mutually as expected. Continuous testing also increases your code coverage.

After going through such useful tips, are you planning to develop your upcoming project from the best software solution provider? But still, confused to choose the right software development company? If so, then let’s now discuss how to choose a suitable service provider for your project.

How to choose the right software development company for your project?

Choosing the right software development company is really a challenging and time-consuming task. Some business organizations require customized software solutions to enhance processes and operations inside the company. So, to ease your work, we’ll share some advice on what points should be taken into consideration while choosing a software development company for your upcoming project.

Preparation: First things first, make sure to invest some good time in writing specifications and functionality documents that are required to identify your project needs. This will allow you to understand your project closely, define your goals, determine the scope of your project, manage time during the discussion process, and define the current state of it.

Research: You can find a list of top-notch software development teams from numerous sources such as Google Search (Paid/Organic), Online listings (Clutch/OnlineSuccess), and much more.

Check company portfolio: Before contacting the company, make sure to go through their recent projects to get an idea of the type of applications the software developers have worked on.

Final Thoughts

The software development business is all set for some notable and meaningful changes in the coming years. It will expand, develop, boost a myriad of possibilities for software developers to make software development straightforward and fast and help businesses innovate, grow and flourish.

Developing a reliable, secure, and scalable software project is a challenging task. But it can be less burdensome, less time-consuming, and productive when done with the right practices and the proper mindset.

We hope our list of software engineering practices is helpful. Do you think we missed out on any best tip that will help developers to simplify the development process? If so, then we’ll be happy to hear from you and know your thoughts.

Best Practices Every Software Development Service Provider Should Practice in 2021 was originally published in Code Like A Girl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Code Like a Girl

Let Yourself Be a Beginner, and Other Actions for Allies

Each week, Karen Catlin shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally.♦Illustration by Katerina Limpitsouni of unDraw1. Let yourself be a beginner

In The Path to Allyship, Denise Hamilton, an inclusion strategist and CEO of WatchHerWork, wrote about adopting a beginner mindset:

“If you are doing anything worthwhile, you will make mistakes. It is not a possibility, but guaranteed. As adults, most of us have identified our areas of giftedness and focus our time and energy in those spaces. We really like to be an expert, proficient in the things we do. We very rarely do things we don’t think we will be good at, especially when those things are high stakes. That hesitancy is equally present when we think about the practice of inclusion.”

Hamilton goes on to write:

“Allow yourself the training wheels… You have to start and you have to keep going even if you’re wobbly. You will get better.”

On the journey to be an ally, let yourself be a beginner. Even if you may not know what to say or do when you witness acts of bigotry, harassment, discrimination, or other non-inclusive behavior, do something.

After all, staying quiet doesn’t make us neutral. It makes us complicit.

2. Say “Ouch”

Looking for something simple to say the next time you hear an offensive or non-inclusive comment? Consider a simple “Ouch,” followed by a pause and an explanation.

In an article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, my friend Dr. Resa Lewiss interviewed David Smith PhD and Brad Johnson PhD, coauthors of Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace. (You may remember that Johnson and Smith were guest authors in June.)

When Lewiss asked, “How can men confront other men about sexist behavior in the workplace?”, Smith responded:

“If you hear something, within about the first two or three seconds, that’s when we’re really going to make a difference. If we wait, we’re probably not going to do anything.
So just say ‘Ouch.’ And that’s gonna buy you some time. Then everybody kind of looks at you awkwardly. And now you can decide what you want to say. … ‘I’m not comfortable with that,’ or ‘that was offensive to me,’ or ‘I don’t appreciate the way you demean our women colleagues here today,’ or ‘that’s not who we are.’”

I’m going to try this out the next time I hear something I should push back on as an ally. I wish I’d thought of it a few weeks ago when a friend complained to me about their child who’s decided to use “they/them” pronouns. When he said, “Why do I need to change the pronouns I’ve been using for her entire life,” I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t speak up. In hindsight, I wish I’d said “Ouch,” and then collected my thoughts to explain why.

3. Move recurring meetings from daycare pickup times

I love this simple example of being more inclusive. Shaundai Person, a senior UI engineer at Netflix, recently tweeted:

“Mentioned to my manager that a recurring meeting happens at the same time as daycare pickup
Potential solutions:
🐻 Pick up 3yo early & let him play during mtg
🎥 Skip mtg & watch recording
Ryan’s solution:
🔥 Get this 128-person mtg moved to earlier in the day to be inclusive”
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 — @shaundai

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Think about the recurring meetings you attend, attendees’ time zones, and the overlap with daycare pickups. (A quick online search tells me that most daycare centers are open from 7am-6pm.) Should you recommend moving any of these meetings to earlier in the day?

4. Don’t ask her to smile

If you’ve been following professional tennis, you know that Emma Raducanu won the recent US Open. Along with well-deserved accolades on this victory, she received many compliments about her smile. Dr. Pragya Agarwal, a behavioral and data scientist, author, and founder of research think-tank The 50 Percent Project, wrote,

“the way that the media has caught on to her smile is disconcerting, with several commentators preferring to talk about her ‘dazzling,’ and ‘euphoric’ smile, rather than her tennis. The way many of the bylines have offered their advice to her to ‘keep smiling’ is definitely very much rooted in our gendered societal norms.”

Agarwal continues,

“Smile solicitation — or asking someone else to smile — is based in social dominance theory, where one group has more power and privilege than the other, and can therefore impose expectations on them. Much of this is also rooted in the belief that women’s bodies are not their own, which means that they are not allowed to make decisions about their bodies, and that everyone — even strangers — have a right to comment on them and their emotional expressions.”

She ends the article with this truth bomb:

“Whether Raducanu smiles or not is unrelated to how good a tennis player she is. Perhaps people, especially men, could stop asking her to smile — and let her get on with what she does best.”

Ditto for women in workplaces everywhere.

5. Join a Better Allies book club

Figuring out how to be a better ally in your workplace or community doesn’t need to be a solo task. Instead, why not form a Better Allies book club? I have a discussion guide to get you started.

Or, join the upcoming October Better Allies online book club, offered in conjunction with e-learning company hiitide. It’s a 28-day program of videos, exercises, and discussions delivered in short, easy-to-complete bites you can integrate into your life. Plus, I host a live Q&A for all participants.

This book club runs monthly. You can sign up individually, or you can host a private book club with friends, colleagues, an employee resource group, or a professional community. Schedule it when it works for your group and earn proceeds, too.

p.s. I’m thrilled to offer a discount for educators and school groups. Contact me to request a discount code.

That’s all for this week. I wish you strength and safety as we all move forward,

— Karen Catlin, Author of Better Allies®

Copyright © 2021 Karen Catlin. All rights reserved.

Being an ally is a journey. Want to join us?

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Together, we can — and will — make a difference with the Better Allies® approach.


Let Yourself Be a Beginner, and Other Actions for Allies was originally published in Code Like A Girl on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Andrew Coppolino

Get a slice of the pie

Reading Time: < 1 minute

My late uncle used to tell a story about some of his Racalmutese friends on a construction site in Dundas, Ontario. Discussing food, and specifically desserts that they had learned to enjoy in their adoptive country, one in the group said, “That squasha they calla punkin, she makes a pretty good applepie.”

As a speaker of English as a second language, the Sicilian gentleman didn’t have it quite right using the elided neologism “applepie” as the generic term for any cooked fruit and sugar loaded between two sheets of short-crust pastry and then baked – but he got the sentiment quite correct.

Fruit pies are at their best when they capture the season’s freshest produce, but, truthfully, any time of the year is a great time for any pie, pumpkin or otherwise.

For more on pies, visit Explore Waterloo Region.

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James Davis Nicoll

Looks Like Freedom / Trickster Drift (Trickster, volume 2) By Eden Robinson

2018’s Trickster Drift is the second volume in Eden Robinson’s Trickster trilogy.

Seventeen-year-old Jared Martin has been sober for the last year; he’s ready for college. He leaves Kitimat for Vancouver, intending to study at the British Columbia School of Technology. 

Necessary backstory: Jared’s mother is a witch, while Jared himself is the son of Wee’git the Trickster. In modern day Canada, however, neither inborn supernatural talents nor learned magical skills are much help in finding a place to stay in Vancouver. 

44D again again

I gave another talk, about MuseScore this time

I walked KWLUG through the ins and outs of MuseScore.

You can find a recording here: archive.org/details/kwlug_meeting_2021-09-13

I’ll embed it if I can figure out how to do that.

You can also listen to the other talks I’ve given on:

  • LMMS: archive.org/details/kwlug_meeting_2021-05-03
  • OBS + Kdenlive: archive.org/details/kwlug_meeting_2020-07-06_202007

Elmira Advocate


Today's post will primarily mention another wonderful, environmental article in the Waterloo Region Record, written by Leah Gerber. The article and writing are wonderful however the news is not. The title is "Opiod levels in river harm fish breeding" and it starts on the front page of the Record. The other item I wish to mention revolves around yesterday's posting here in which I mention various reasons that I'm in no hurry to share privately obtained and privately funded data with our corrupt authorities. Now to date I have received one comment on that however it was from a well known (to me) retired simple servant who is both a troll and a strong (biased) supporter of the Ontario Ministry of Environment. He feels that I would "embarass" the Ontario MOE/MECP by releasing the data here and now on this Blog. A tad of hypocrisy going on there although that does not necessarily mean he is wrong on every opinion or matter. Further thought is required. ..................................................................................................................................... Back to Leah Gerber's story. Researchers at Trent University have found measureable (albeit low) levels of codeine, cocaine, amphetamines and fentanyl in the Grand River. WOW! Codeine, a prescription painkiller, interpheres with hormone levels in fish and reduces the number of eggs sucessfully produced by females. The takeaway from this is very clear. Despite large investments of taxpayers money into our many Wastewater Treatment Plants (i.e. Sewage Treatment Plants), those engineered methodologies do NOT remove all contaminants by a large shot. Pharmeceuticals and prescription and illegal opiods are just a couple of examples. ......................................................................................................................................... But it gets worse. I have long railed here about our drinking water (tap water) received from the Region of Waterloo. The deficiencies are glaring and each February/March when the Region of Waterloo Annual (Drinking Water) Reports come out I critique them here in this Blog. Well it seems that not surprisingly some of these contaminants found in the Grand River are making their way into our tap water despite treatment. Of course the Region do not want to weaken the public's confidence in their drinking water so they hide behind the Ministry of Environment and the province of Ontario as all good bureaucrats and local politicians are taught to do. The manager of engineering and wastewater programs states "Locally there are no regulations associated with these compounds just yet...". "these compounds" include cocaine, one derivative of amphetamine and several prescription opiods. WOW again! Further the Region suggest that they are doing their duty as they state "Until the regulatory agencies update and include these compounds in the regulations, the Region will continue to follow the resarch to ensure we are prepared for any new regulations...". Boy that sure is reassuring not. So much for the Region's decades of bragging about their high quality tap water and how healthy and safe it is. Besides these compounds there are dozens to hundreds of other chemical compounds that they do not but should be testing for and then figuring out how to remove them. Politically safer to hide behind the province and MOE/MECP as usual!

KW Granite Club

Club Closed Sept 24-26

Andrew Coppolino

Eggs Benny science at Darlise Café

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The popular breakfast Eggs Benedict is a unique, sort of self-reflexive dish: it’s essentially eggs with an egg sauce. And it’s delicious and satisfying in its creamy richness with a hint of lemon.

A chef who makes the classic sauce that forms the centre of the dish – Hollandaise – is Darryl Howie of Darlise Café in downtown Kitchener.

Howie and his wife and business partner Liz Howie own and operate the breakfast and lunch restaurant across from the Walper Hotel on Queen Street – and have been doing so now for about four years. The pair previously owned and operated The Rum Runner pub, formerly downstairs at the Walper, for several years.

Once Janet Lynn Leslie’s apprentice

Howie attended George Brown College for his formal culinary education and would describe himself as trained in classic French cookery. Notably, he worked with the late Janet Lynn Leslie of Janet Lynn’s Bistro when it opened in the Market Village, now, of course, part of Belmont Village.

He’s also been an executive chef at Ali Baba Steakhouse and The Walper Hotel and has worked at Talisman Mountain Resort, Del Dente and the Charcoal Steak House.

♦Darryl Howie at Darlise Cafe (Photo/Andrew Coppolino).

Among other breakfast and lunch dishes, Darlise serves six Bennies ($10-$13), including all-day breakfast. Howie handles the distinguishing feature of Eggs Benedict with aplomb: Hollandaise, a French “Mother Sauce,” holds together not because of a binder such as flour, but because it is an egg-emulsified butter sauce.

You can thicken sauces by adding proteins and starches to them, or you can thicken them by filling their water molecules with fat. Sneaking one liquid into another is the emulsification.

Fluid mechanics

Howie is an expert at it; he will make four or five batches of Hollandaise for a busy Saturday breakfast service.

“I separate the eggs and add Tabasco, Worcestershire, lemon juice and salt and pepper, and I cook it over an open flame. I then add the clarified butter and adjust with salt and pepper,” says Howie.

Other Hollandaise makers will use a double-boiler fashioned of a large bowl sitting on a smaller pot of gently boiling water, rather than on open flame. It’s actually remarkable to watch Howie make the sauce.

♦On Queen between Charles and King (Photo/Andrew Coppolino).

As for using clarified butter, whole butter is watery and thins the egg yolk and therefore takes more whisking. Clarifying the butter separates the milk solids and leaves you with butterfat, which, along with heat, thicken the Hollandaise.

Fluid mechanics aside, Eggs Benedict is a nice soft, runny poached egg cooked for about two-and-a-half minutes, so it oozes nicely and blends with the pea meal bacon, English muffin and the Hollandaise.

Gluten-free too

Add to that Howie’s potato pancake. He cooks the potatoes with skins on, cools and peels them. He then adds caramelized onions, salt and pepper, garlic, some sugar and parsley. “That is bound with chickpea flour and eggs, so they’re gluten-free,” he says. “It’s my own recipe.”

In a busy, busy restaurant, dishes that come together quickly are important; for veteran cook Howie that includes eggs with an egg sauce.

“Benedicts in general are really easy once the Hollandaise is made,” he says. “I like Bennies.”


Darlise Café 
33A Queen Street South 
Kitchener, ON    N2G 1V8 
(226) 647-9100

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Brickhouse Guitars

Recording King RO328 A21030919 Demo


Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Waterloo Region


The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) has created a new resource, Affirming Gender Diversity. The latest in the series of Student Voice Booklets is so important. Not only does the booklet support teachers in raising awareness and addressing questions from students around the diversity of gender, as well as social concepts such as cisnormativity, cissexism and transphobia, but it also does so through the students own experiences. 

Learn more on the CTF website by clicking here.

Andrew Coppolino

Preserves, jams, chutneys

Reading Time: < 1 minute

About a year ago, Murray Zehr of 1909 Culinary Academy was looking for canning jars to preserve some of the harvest from his one-acre kitchen garden near Ayr, Ontario. To his surprise, he couldn’t find any in stock.

“During this pandemic, essentially what we saw was that preserving became so popular that we actually had a shortage of Mason-style jars globally. Millions and millions of people were growing and preserving their own foods,” Zehr said.

As a chef and culinary instructor, the phenomenon prompted Zehr to write a book called, “What Else Can I Do With These Preserves?”

To read more about preserves with comments from local food businesses during my recent discussion with Craig Norris on CBC-KW, visit here.

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Check It Out WPL

Fullmetal Alchemist Forever

Throughout the pandemic I have almost exclusively been reading sci-fi and fantasy, and have now begun reading extremely large (maybe too large) quantities of manga.

Some of my favourites have been Inuyasha, Nana (not sci-fi or fantasy but SO GOOD), Jujutsu Kaisen, Blue Exorcist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Death Note, One Punch Man, and Ouran High Host Club (Also, not sci-fi or fantasy but truly wild and hilarious). All of these series are funny, exciting, dramatic, and heart wrenching, but the one that is all of these things and more is the beloved and extremely critically acclaimed Fullmetal Alchemist series by Hiromu Arakawa.

I didn’t really read or watch much manga or anime as a teenager, but I was so surprised at how affected I was by this dark and beautiful series as an adult, and cannot stop talking or thinking about it! Before you ask, yes, I have read all the volumes and watched both TV show adaptations, and I would do it all over again and you should too!

I would also like to give a heads up for a content warning for war, genocide, body horror, murder, disturbing scientific experimentation, and violence/gore. It feels strange to be recommending a series with all of these horrific themes, but I do really think this series has so much to offer us in reflecting on power, violence, and ethics and how we can choose to live in ways that feel right for us.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, Fullmetal Alchemist follows brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, two talented alchemists who lose their mother at a very young age and attempt to bring her back to life. This attempt goes horribly wrong – Edward literally loses an arm and a leg and Alphonse loses his entire body, but has his soul bonded to a gigantic suit of hollow armour. Edward receives “automail” limbs (high-tech metal prosthetics) from Winry, his next-door neighbour, childhood best friend, and automail engineer extraordinaire. He also decides to study and train to become a State Alchemist, also known as the “dog of the military”, to have access to military resources. With this access he and Alphonse and may be able to find a way to get their original bodies back and hunt for the elusive Philosopher’s Stone, which allows alchemists to bypass the universal rule of equivalent exchange.

Each volume follows Ed and Al’s adventures across the fictional land of Amestris as they uncover more about alchemy and the dark underbelly of the military government. It’s truly unputdownable! Some of the military stuff seems a bit long, but the characters and overall plot are so good that I devoured it just the same.

This series has fantasy, action, cool world building, beautiful and disturbed relationships, and somehow a very sweet sense of humour. Arakawa is incredibly insightful in handling heavy subjects such as military/government corruption, racism, war, genocide, grief, and a rigorous examination of the ethics of science and religion and/or spirituality. If you’ve never read manga before, I highly recommend starting with Fullmetal Alchemist!

James Davis Nicoll

Such a Classic Tale / The Apothecary Diaries, volume 3 By Natsu Hyuuga

2015’s The Apothecary Diaries: Volume 3 is the third volume1 in Natsu Hyuuga’s secondary-universe quasi-historical mystery series. Illustrations are by Touko Shino. The 2021 translation is by Kevin Steinbach.

Jinshu is a skilled administrator but he lacks the professional training that would allow him to notice a potentially ominous development in the imperial harem. For palace servant Maomao, the problem is more obvious.


Andrew Coppolino

The Wednesday Word: cacio e pepe

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Cacio e pepe [kah-choh eh pay-pay]
A simple Roman dish, cacio e pepe is basically pasta with cheese and black pepper.

It’s delicious.

Likely a dialect word for cheese (formaggio in Italian), cacio is a prime ingredient and usually takes the form of a hard cheese that can be grated, something like a Pecorino (which accounts for nearly one-seventh of the cheese made in Italy). For example, there’s a style called caciatto di Pecorino, from Lazio, which is eaten with broad beans.

Cacio e pepe, because it travelled well (and often uses sheep’s milk cheese), was a perfect dish for shepherds.

It really is simple: butter, pasta water, fresh cracked black pepper and grated cheese. Use a rough pasta to hold that wondrous sauce.

Like I said: delicious!

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House of Friendship

Your Support Helped Raise $45,000!

Thank you for Playing with Purpose for the past 25 years!

When co-founders Bob Shantz, Richard Dyck and John Unruh joined forces to create the first-ever Friendship Golf tournament, they set in motion the opportunity to Play with Purpose at an event that has now raised more than $1-million to support those who are homeless.

This means you have helped thousands and thousands of men finding hope, healing and housing.

While we couldn’t gather for our usual tournament and banquet this year, thank you for joining together online to celebrate these 25 years.

We heard from our shelter team member, Mark, who knew years of homelessness himself, and from fellow golfers for whom our shelter was key to putting their loved one on a path to a better future!

We also honoured co-founder and committee member John Unruh’s unwavering annual support of Friendship Golf. John passed away earlier this year, and, as one of his last acts in a life of generosity, shared $10,000 in support to this event to see men move beyond homelessness. Thank you for helping raise the $45,000 needed for shelter from this event and funding belonging for these men!

Thank you to Len & Brenda Jewitt for providing the $10,000 matching gift.

And a special thank you to our generous sponsors:







Menno S. Martin Contractor Limited


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Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Waterloo Region

Who to contact?

A reminder that Greg Weiler is no longer with the Waterloo local office as he is now a Provincial Staff officer in Public Relations Services. 

Until an election is held, please send emails to etfooffice@etfowr.ca and we will ensure the appropriate released officer responds. You can also use the chart below to determine who to contact:




Joanne Threndyle - Ext 225

Vice President


  • Senior Admin Contact
  • Discipline/Harassment/Allegations
  • Local Treasurer
  • NTIP
  • Report Cards
  • Teacher Performance Appraisals
  • Faculty of Education Liaison
  • Local committees

Ali Lyon - Ext 221

Vice President


  • Leaves of Absences
  • Long Term Disability
  • Benefits
  • Collective Agreement
  • Staffing
  • Supervision
  • WSIB

Jeff Pelich - Ext 222

Vice President


  • Media Contact
  • Health and Safety Rep (including 
  • workplace violence)
  • Website and Communications
  • Board Meetings/Trustees
  • Labour Council
  • Political Action/Public Relations
  • Newsletters and Event Updates
  • Professional Learning/ ETFO PD Day

Amanda Drewett - Ext 226

Administrative Assistant


  • STEL - Short Term Educational Leave
  • MDF - Membership Development Fund

Provincial Office

416-962-3836 or 


  • Discipline/Harassment/Allegations
  • After hours emergency support
  • Member Records/ETFO Card/Edvantage


The Backing Bookworm

The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot

I was eager to read this book for a few reasons: 
  1. it's super popular on Bookstagram 
  2. I love a multigenerational friendship story 
  3. I was in the mood for a tearjerker, and I had heard this book was a 3-hanky read. 
The book's blurb promises a story about multigenerational friendship but that wasn't what I got. In fact, the friendship between Margot and Lenni was so secondary, and the first two-thirds of the story dragged so much for me, that I debated DNFing it. But due to its HIGH praise on GoodReads/Instagram, I kept going, hoping things would turn around. 
Touted as a tearjerker, this book didn't move me like I thought it would. There are a couple of sad bits but overall, I felt removed from the lives of 17-year-old Lenni (who plays a surprisingly secondary role) and 83-year-old Margot. Part of the issue is that we spend a lot of time in flashbacks to Margot's early life and very little time with Lenni and Margot  together. More time is given to Meena, a secondary character than to Lenni and I found that odd. This focus gave the story an unbalanced feel and resulted in the reader being told not shown the bond between the teen and the octogenarian. 
There are some good secondary characters (Father Arthur and Humphrey - who was my favourite!) and I enjoyed the humour in the exchanges between Father Arthur and Lenni but couldn't shake the feeling that 17-year-old Lenni was written more like a precocious 12-year-old than an older teen.
This was a touching story but not nearly as engaging or emotional as I had expected. I finished it wondering what I was missing since my experience was so different from so many other readers who adored this book.

My Rating: 3 starsAuthor: Marianne CroninGenre: Contemporary Fiction, Tearjerker, LGBTQIA+Type and Source: Hardcover from public libraryPublisher: HarperFirst Published: June 1, 2021
Opening Line: When people say "terminal," I think of the airport.

Book Description from GoodReads: A charming, fiercely alive and disarmingly funny debut novel in the vein of John Green, Rachel Joyce, and Jojo Moyes—a brave testament to the power of living each day to the fullest, a tribute to the stories that we live, and a reminder of our unlimited capacity for friendship and love.
An extraordinary friendship. A lifetime of stories that begins at the end . . . 

Seventeen-year-old Lenni Pettersson lives on the Terminal Ward at the Glasgow Princess Royal Hospital. Though the teenager has been told she’s dying, she still has plenty of living to do. Joining the hospital’s arts and crafts class, she meets the magnificent Margot, an 83-year-old, purple-pajama-wearing, fruitcake-eating rebel, who transforms Lenni in ways she never imagined.

As their friendship blooms, a world of stories opens for these unlikely companions who, between them, have been alive for one hundred years. Though their days are dwindling, both are determined to leave their mark on the world. With the help of Lenni’s doting palliative care nurse and Father Arthur, the hospital’s patient chaplain, Lenni and Margot devise a plan to create one hundred paintings showcasing the stories of the century they have lived—stories of love and loss, of courage and kindness, of unexpected tenderness and pure joy.

Though the end is near, life isn’t quite done with these unforgettable women just yet.

Delightfully funny and bittersweet, heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting, The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot reminds us of the preciousness of life as it considers the legacy we choose to leave, how we influence the lives of others even after we’re gone, and the wonder of a friendship that transcends time.

Elmira Advocate


♦........................................................................................................................................ ................................................................................................... Earlier here in the Elmira Advocate I suggested that I was in no hurry to show Lanxess, GHD, Woolwich Township (council) and the Ministry of Environment (MOE/MECP) new soil data taken from samples in and around the Stroh Drain. You may have noticed both yesterday and today that I have posted the first and the last page from the lab report of two of the fifteen samples taken by citizen scientists, volunteers, and Woolwich stakeholders intentionally excluded by Chemtura/Lanxess and Woolwich Council from actively and fully participating in the public consultation process regarding the 1989 Elmira Water Crisis. While I still expect to submit any and all factual data to the Ontario MOE/MECP, I am in no hurry to do so. Why would I be? It's not as if they have any intention to use this data properly. If they did they would have ordered soil samples taken from this area years to decades ago. No, they've made their private deals with other stakeholders a long time ago. Just as hydraulic containment of the shallow aquifers was reduced to only one quarter of the site (south-west), just as DNAPL investigations on and off-site were rigged to do as little as possible, so to was the east side investigation/cleanup negotiated away in exchange for collegial relations with the polluter (i.e. don't rat us out and we'll go easy on you). ............................................................................................................................... Then there is yet another reason. Respect or the lack thereof. For me the highest disrespect is that of straight faced, blatant lying. Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura/Lanxess all believe that while chosen and select members of the public may have the right to ask them questions regarding their environmental cleanup efforts; the company has the absolute right to lie like dogs in response. Which they have done for decades with little or no consequences. I am well aware that Lanxess for example follow this Blog. One Chemtura/Lanxess employee (likely Dwighte Este) actually so admitted that to myself and CPAC on one occasion and even corrected me sitting in the gallery at a TAG meeting regarding my statement here that Bayer were part owners of Lanxess. ........................................................................................................... Back in the day we actually spotted Ministry of Environment employees entering the offices of the Elmira Independent each week on publication day. The MOE were dying to know what embarassing facts that Bob Verdun as well as his reporters were publishing. Hence I am quite confident that all the guilty parties know full well that soil samples have been taken and partially analysed, near the Stroh Drain, where the MOE/MECP have attempted to cover up for the benefit of Chemtura/Lanxess versus the benefit of the public and or the environment. ...................................................................................................... So just as the guilty parties have excluded myself, CPAC and the public from meaningful participation in the public consultation process, I have decided to see just exactly how much they enjoy being excluded. I will continue to divulge relevant, environmental information here that all stakeholders have a right to know. At the least the MOE/MECP should ask me for this data. Then judge me on my response to them.

Andrew Coppolino

Wear a damn mask. Get a damn shot

Reading Time: 3 minutes

DON’T hassle restaurant staff about the temporary vaccination “passports”!

The frontline workers have enough on their plates. They don’t need bonehead PPC’ers and anti-vaxx neanderthals threatening them.

Trust me: I want this damn stuff over! And this is the way to do it.

If you don’t like the idea of what’s being asked (which just makes you look ridiculous), just step off and stay away from any businesses that are following what is best for the community good and prosperity of the commonwealth.


I’m getting sick and tired hearing anti-vaxx shite. It is up to us: wear a mask, distance, and get yourself vaccinated. The unvaccinated, like the walking dead, will roam our streets and restaurants and coffee shops, expecting everyone else to do their part, and cause us all, and especially restaurants, a lot more hurt.

Here’s a study, via University Waterloo, about masks and how the $*#^%$@ virus spreads. Do your part.


“A new study is highlighting a need for widespread use of better face masks and the importance of good ventilation to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 indoors.

Engineering researchers at the University of Waterloo performed experiments using a mannequin to simulate a seated person breathing in a large room. The studies showed a significant buildup over time of aerosol droplets – exhaled droplets so tiny they remain suspended and travel through the air – despite the use of common cloth and blue surgical masks.

“There is no question it is beneficial to wear any face covering, both for protection in close proximity and at a distance in a room,” said Serhiy Yarusevych, a professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering and the leader of the study. “However, there is a very serious difference in the effectiveness of different masks when it comes to controlling aerosols.”

Previous research has found that aerosols dispersed by infected people are a source of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, even outside the two-metre social distancing zone widely recommended by public health officials.

The study showed that most common masks, primarily due to problems with fit, filter about 10 per cent of exhaled aerosol droplets. The remaining aerosols are redirected, mostly out the top of the mask where it fits over the nose, and escape into the ambient air unfiltered.

By contrast, higher-quality, more expensive N95 and KN95 masks filtered more than 50 per cent of the exhaled aerosols that can accumulate indoors and spread the COVID-19 virus when inhaled by other people.

Yarusevych, principal investigator in the Fluid Mechanics Research Lab, said the much greater effectiveness of N95 and KN95 masks versus cloth and surgical masks makes a compelling case they should be worn in indoor settings, such as schools and workplaces, as much as possible.

“A lot of this may seem like common sense,” he said. “There is a reason, for instance, that medical practitioners wear N95 masks – they work much better. The novelty here is that we have provided solid numbers and rigorous analysis to support that assumption.”

Experiments also quantified the impact of ventilation systems, which circulate and replace air in rooms, on the accumulation of aerosols. Even modest ventilation rates were found to be as effective as the best masks in reducing the risk of transmission.

Ideally, Yarusevych said, the evidence shows that high-quality masks and proper ventilation should be used in combination to mitigate the threat posed by indoor aerosol accumulation as much as possible.

The study, Experimental investigation of indoor aerosol dispersion and accumulation in the context of COVID-19: Effects of masks and ventilation, appears in the journal Physics of Fluids.

Yarusevych collaborated with Sean Peterson, also a Waterloo professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering, and engineering PhD students Yash Shah and John Kurelek.”

[Banner image/commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?search=n95+mask&title=Special:MediaSearch&go=Go&type=image]

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Brickhouse Guitars

Boucher BG-51M IN-1020-HB Demo


Andrew Coppolino

Burgers ‘n’ beer for oneROOF Youth Services

Reading Time: < 1 minute

October 2 >>> Mark it on your calendar!

It’s a delicious collab between two popular local food-and-bevie businesses supporting oneROOF Youth Services: “Burgers n’ Beer for oneROOF” is Saturday, October 2, from high-noon to 8 p.m.

The event pairs Hemlock Burger Barn (HBB) and Short Finger Brewing Co. to raise money for oneROOF’s
“From Streets to Education and Employment” program.

oneROOF Youth Services is committed to providing for the safety, support and overall well-being of youth who are experiencing homelessness, and youth who are at-risk of homelessness, aged 12-25, in Waterloo Region.

“I feel that giving back to our community is important for a small business owner,” said HBB owner Josh Perovic. “It’s great to see like-minded people reaching out and their overwhelming interest in giving back and supporting this cause.”

Every year, HBB teams up with a brewery for a “pay-as-you-can” event.

“Last year, we raised over $7,000 for the streets to education and employment program, and this year we hope to surpass that number with the help of Short Finger Brewing,” added Perovic.

All proceeds from the sale of Short Finger’s “Quicki Ice Lager” pints will be donated.

And as well, the Hemlock food truck will be running a “pay-what-you-can” menu with, similarly, all proceeds being donated.

For these businesses and the public who give their support, the focus is on the community and its well-being — and that is good for us all, according to Perovic.

“Everyone who wants help making their life better, and is willing to put in the work, should have the opportunity to receive that help,” he says. “That’s why we do this.”

The event is at Short Finger Brewing Co., 20 Hurst Avenue, Kitchener (off of Courtland Avenue).

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Centre in the Square

Donovan Woods

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Clay & Glass Museum

1920s sponge cake

Thank you to Nancy Mallett for sharing this family recipe.

Basic recipe for Sponge Cake

3 egg whites
3 egg yolks
1/4 cup water
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup flour
1/4 tp. Salt
2 tsp. Baking powder
1 tsp. Lemon extract

  • Beat egg whites until stiff and set aside.
  • Beat yolks, and add water, sugar and lemon extract.
  • Sift dry ingredients and add to yolk mixture.
  • Fold the two mixtures together lightly.
  • Pour into unbuttered pan.
  • Bake 40 minutes at 325 degrees
Ice Box Cake
  • Bake sponge cake in the unbuttered bottom of a cake tin for baking Christmas cake.
  • When completely cool, cut into three thin layers.
  • Prepare filling (see below)
  • Line Christmas cake tin with wax paper.
  • Divide cream filling into three parts
  • Place 1/3 of filling in bottom of Christmas cake tin. Place top layer of cake on top of filling. Follow by the second serving of filling and then mid slice of cake. Finally place third level of filling and the bottom of cake on top. The layers of filling and cake together should reach just about up to the top of the Christmas cake tin. Refrigerate for filling to completely set. Keep in the fridge until ready to serve.
  • When ready to serve, place a large plate on top and turn the cake tin upside down on the plate. The cake should slip out easily as you had lined the pan with wax paper. Peel off the wax paper. The weight of each layer of cake on top of the layers of cream filling will mean that they will sink a bit into the cream and as a result when you turn it upside down onto the plate, not only is the top layer the cream filling, but the cream filling covers the sides as well. We use cherry jelly in the cream filling so you will have a large pink cake. It is festive looking, yet light to eat. You see the layers when you cut it into slices.

Cream Filling for Ice Box Cake
1 pkg, Lushus Cherry jelly or jello (use half only)
2 cups boiling water.

Add 1/4 cup of sugar to half of the hot jelly mixture and chill.
When beginning to set, add 1 cup of canned & drained crushed pineapple and 2 cups cream whipped.

Divide into three portions and commence to build up layers in Christmas cake tin. Will completely set while in refrigerator. Takes time, so should be made in the morning or even the day before serving.

“This recipe for sponge cake came from my grandmother – that is my mother’s mother.  It was considered exceptionally good and all of my aunt’s used to make it.  It was the family birthday cake with a lemon filling added for all birthdays within Aunt Marie and Uncle John’s family down through the generations, and being very plain, my mother used to bake them and take around to neighbours whenever someone was sick in the household.

It was very plain and simple.  One never iced it.  But it was good served with strawberries and whipped cream.  When wanting just a simple plain cake, it was baked in a baking pan with a hole in the centre.  But sometimes we would bake it in a pair of round layer cake pans and add a lemon filling and sprinkle icing sugar on top.  That was the way Aunt Marie prepared the birthday cakes.  It was a sort of lemon pie filling.  A festive favourite was baked in a square Christmas cake tin.  Called ice-box cake, it had tall sides and the cake would be baked in the bottom of the pan and then we would slice it across in three layers and put a special filling in between.  I will give you the details below.  My mother was known for her sponge cakes.”

– Nancy Mallett

Contribute to our Community Garden Cookbook

Go go cookbook Submit a recipe

Our community garden project is supported by the City of Waterloo and Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation

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Clay & Glass Museum

Zucchini Cake

Recipe from Florie Mills via her daughter Katharine Bourgon


  1. In a large bowl, beat until foamy:
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 cups white sugar (or 1 7/8 cups brown sugar)
  1. Add & Stir:
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 cups grated zucchini (peeled)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  1. In a separate bowl mix:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 cup raisins and/or nuts (optional)
  • 1 tsp each salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice
  1. Add dry mixture to wet mixture, place into greased cake pan.
  2. Bake at 350F for 50 minutes. Cool before frosting.


  • 125 g cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups icing sugar

Contribute to our Community Garden Cookbook

Go go cookbook Submit a recipe

Our community garden project is supported by the City of Waterloo and Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation

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Elmira Advocate


♦........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... I received the Lanxess Canada August 2021 Progress Report yesterday. What a disaster. The hydraulic containment of contaminated groundwater aka pump & dump hasn't been this low since 2008 when the Ammonia Treatment modifications were being made to the groundwater treatment systems. The longterm average up until 2012 was 53 litres per second (l/sec) for off-site groundwater (i.e. underneath Elmira) and about 5.1 l/sec on-site (i.e. underneath the Uniroyal site). Last month (Aug./21) had an on-site average of only 4.1 l/sec and an incredibly low 34.3 l/sec for the off-site Elmira Aquifers. Do not forget that in November 2012, with much fanfare, Chemtura (Uniroyal) advised the MOE, Woolwich Twn., CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) and the public that they were going to TRIPLE the volume of off-site groundwater pumping. This huge increase was necessitated by Chemtura and Conestoga Rovers late admission that the current pumping volumes were inadequate to remediate the Elmira Aquifers to drinking water standards by the mandated 2028 deadline.Those Qualified Persons and other assorted professional liars have never even gotten close. In fact it's looking more and more that they never had any intention to do so. Currently TAG (Technical Advisory Group) continue to receive excuses, years long delays, horse manure, promises and the appearance of dejection and sadness from corporate executives who are saving cleanup money daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The company are laughing all the way to the bank. The local politicians and Ontario Ministry of Environment shelter and protect Lanxess from criticism and rebuke. Well meaning TAG volunteers shrug their shoulders and don't know what to do about it. ........................................................................................................................................ This is how one of, if not the worst, most contaminated sites in the country is being "cleaned up". It's been a sham from the start, the cleanup still is a sham and it will continue to be so. Our authorities, municipal (Woolwich), regional and provincial will eventually declare victory while human beings, wildlife and the environment continue to suffer until death courtesy of sustained corruption and lying.

Check It Out WPL

This Tender Land: An Elegant and Emotional Adventure Interwoven With Ojibwe Influence

William Kent Krueger has been writing novels for over 20 years and while in some circles he may be a household name, I had not heard of him until I read, quite by chance, Ordinary Grace in July 2020. I was blown away by the simplistic beauty of his writing; the slow-moving but poignant story line that unfolded like a meandering river. Born in the American Midwest, his stories are infused with the cultural personality and landscape of that region and his descriptions of the landscape are quite evocative.

When I got the chance to read his newest offering, This Tender Land, I felt like it might be the perfect opportunity to while away the hours of a few lazy summer days, and I was not disappointed! This book has all of the elements that keep a reader riveted – crime, mystery, suspense, love, despair, and hope. They’re all bound together in an elegantly presented story that, while at times is harsh and cruel, nevertheless maintains a tenderness about it that keeps the reader holding on. There is a subtly powerful spiritual thread that is interwoven throughout the narrative which is influenced by Kreuger’s interest in the Ojibwe culture.

Set in 1932, the story is told from the perspective of Odie O’Banion, a 12-year-old boy who, along with his brother Albert, are the only two white children living at the Lincoln Indian Training School in Minnesota. Odie’s rebelliousness finds him in frequent trouble at the hands of the cruel and merciless superintendent, Thelma Brickman, otherwise known as the Black Witch. In spite of his brother’s efforts to get Odie to temper his behaviour, the injustices mount and soon the two boys and their friend Moses, a young Sioux student whose tongue was cut off by the people who murdered his mother, find themselves in a situation that requires them to escape from the school. Before leaving, they ’kidnap’ Emmy Frost, the 6-year-old daughter of a beloved teacher from the school who was killed when her barn was toppled during a tornado.

The journey on which these four embark tests their faith, loyalty, compassion, will, and strength. Each of them will be challenged to discover their deepest desires, and the reader will cry and cheer along with them as they confront obstacles and perils as well as kindness and generosity along their journeys.

Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Comerce

A little bit about Roxton followed by the top 7 reasons why we would love to earn your business

Although cleaning has been a part of most businesses long before Covid turned our lives upside down, here at Roxton it has been our mainstay business, even more so is the case with disinfecting. Disinfecting and cleaning may go hand in hand (no pun intended), but not everyone understands the difference, they want to know that a surface is clean and safe for them to use, that’s where we come in. We understand that there is a big difference between these two disciplines and their practical application. Simply put, to clean a surface is to remove foreign matter from it, be it visible debris or biological residue. Cleaning makes a difference to the naked eye, but it is important to note that it does not disinfect. To disinfect a surface means you are eliminating bacteria, viruses, and mold (to acceptable levels) while making the surface unsuitable to sustain the proliferation of germs. There are a lot more details to this but we’ll spare you the boring bits.

Opened in 2011, Roxton Industries specializes in cleaning supplies, with a specific focus on cleaning, disinfecting, and disease control products. Roxton has been supplying businesses all across North America with cleaning products like Disinfecting Wipes and Dispensers, Soaps, Sanitizers, Cleansers, Disinfectant Solutions, Foggers, Sprayers, Personal Protective Equipment, and much more. Disinfecting Wipes were the first product category we carried at Roxton’s launch in 2011. We are proud to now carry multiple different brands in our line of wipes as well as other complementing products. Each with unique characteristics and uses to cater to the individual needs of businesses and consumers. We even have our very own Roxton DIY Wipes with many ingredients for people to make their own to suit their needs, take a look at our YouTube channel for more info. Our wipes have active ingredients that are authorized for sale by Health Canada and are perfect for use at the workplace or at home. Some brands cater more to specific industries, like All Clean Natural wipes being perfect for use in restaurants or food preparation facilities, while others can hit all the marks for all general disinfecting needs.

Towards the start of the Covid19 pandemic, businesses across North America were looking for a more efficient way to speedily disinfect their businesses. Roxton was proud to introduce foggers as a method to dispense disinfectant efficiently. Roxton quickly became one of the leading distributors of foggers and disinfectant solutions to go along with them. We also saw the need for more Personal Protection Equipment ( PPE ), specifically PPE made in Canada, which is why we decided to take on the distribution of masks manufactured right here in Ontario by FNP (First Nations Procurement). One of the latest products in our product offering is a product called “Protect 90” which we are super excited about. This product is so awesome as it layers an antimicrobial film that acts like a bed of nails on the surface being treated that prohibits the development of bacteria and viruses! What’s even cooler than that is that it lasts for up to 90 days! It is important to note that this is considered the ultimate step in ensuring your surfaces are indeed protected, but it should not replace your overall cleaning regiment, but is there to bolster the effectiveness of your cleaning and augment your disinfecting procedures.

Proudly Canadian, Roxton Industries has made its headquarters in Kitchener and supports and supplies many businesses nationally and including many small and locally owned businesses. Roxton has been a strong supporter of the chamber of commerce, as well as a member in good standing for a number of years. Our employees frequently attend their Peer to Peer group sessions, as well as after-hours events like Business Around 5 and Chamber of Commerce Young Professional events. Roxton also enjoyed attending trade shows put on by the KW Chamber of Commerce prior to in-person events being canceled, as they are an incredible way to network and connect with new businesses. Roxton would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for their support and the resources they have supplied to our employees and brand as a whole. But hey, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a member of the Chamber of Commerce yourself so what are we bragging about? Well, just to remind you, you get a discount with your Chamber Membership, (hint-hint!) ♦

So at this point, you may be asking yourself, “what can Roxton offer me and my business? Why haven’t I ever seen their products in the grocery stores?”. Allow us to answer. We offer products that are made for use in an industrial setting – that means they are going to hold up for longer under harsher conditions than the grocery store equivalent. All of our products are carefully selected by an experienced procurement team to ensure that what you are getting can be trusted to have a positive effect on your business. As for why haven’t you seen our products in grocery stores? Well mostly because the business started out supplying other businesses directly and most grocery stores cater to direct consumers and not businesses directly, economies of scale and all that fun stuff. It’s also important to note that we are busy stepping into the business-to-consumer market with new products that are more centered around what one would need at home as opposed to at their business, watch this space!

So why should you purchase Roxton products over those you can find in the grocery store? We’ve put together a list of the reasons why buying from Roxton would be more beneficial to your business than buying from a grocery store.

1. We care about our customers, their wants, and their needs

At Roxton you deal directly with us, not someone far removed from the situation on the ground; to us, you’re not just a number at a checkout line, you’re the only number that counts! If you need to speak to us, we’re here, we listen, we care and we will make it our mission to help you solve your cleaning and disinfecting needs. This is most important to us, the quality of our products just backs us up further.

2. Roxton products support Canadian manufacturers

Roxton is a proud, Canadian company, and we take pride in supporting manufacturers here in Canada, distributing their products all over North America. Roxton products, like Roxton Wipes, Soaps and Cleansers are manufactured right here in Canada. Roxton also seeks out products that support businesses that have pivoted their operations to support the production of Canadian-made products. As an example, our alcohol-based hand sanitizers are produced in a local Ontario distillery and we are happy to be able to help this manufacturer get their products into the hands of businesses all over Canada and reach consumers from the east coast to the west coast. Or our most recent addition to our lines of PPE are masks manufactured by First Nations Procurement. These masks have supported the creation of dozens of jobs for people in the first nation communities of Ontario. They are manufactured by First Nations Procurement (FNP) with factories operating at Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nations land located on the north shores of Lake Huron and at Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory on Manitoulin Island. First Nations Procurement Incorporated (FNPI) is 100% owned and operated by First Nations people.

3. Industrial Made Disinfectants.

The products that we carry are meant to hold up under even the toughest circumstances. We serve industries like fitness & recreation, restaurant, distribution, government, end-users, and many many more. Our suppliers are carefully chosen to ensure that they have struck the perfect balance between environmentally conscious products and highly effective to ensure that the job is done. This is an important balance to maintain, chemicals that are developed to be highly concentrated have a much greater impact on the environment when they are disposed of than products that are of lesser concentration. Though on the flip side of this coin; ineffective cleaning or disinfectants requires more product to deliver the desired results that just means that more chemicals are disposed of and used than what is necessary making an equally bad environmental impact as well as other negative impacts. Striking that balance is imperative, at Roxton our suppliers have to answer some tough questions and put through the wringer before we will endorse their products! Furthermore, we are actively targeting suppliers that have natural ingredients that are used to formulate the products in our approach to lessen the environmental impact that our customers may have.

4. Free local delivery/pickup options

This may seem like a foregone conclusion these days, however, it is important to note that as an industrial wholesaler without a shopfront or operational capacity to deal with walk in’s, there were a lot of procedures we had to put in place to ensure this system works, especially during Covid. Thus we are proud to offer free local delivery in Kitchener and Waterloo and curbside pickup in accordance with local health guidelines. For many, going to a store to get disinfecting products is not an option for their businesses. To assist companies in need during the pandemic, we launched our local pickup program and our local delivery program. We created the programs to help better serve our local community, getting essential disinfecting supplies to those that are unable to get them, business and consumer alike. We are proud to talk about this as it has allowed us to better serve the people on the front lines, a community of heroes in our own backyard!

5. A discount to Chamber of Commerce members

If you are reading this blog, and you are a chamber of commerce member, then we would like to offer you a discount! It’s good to be a member of the KW community and it is great to be able to offer members of this community an easier way to purchase disinfectants and PPE.  The discount is exclusive to Chamber members and details can be found on the membership advantage page.

6. After-sales support

As alluded to in point 1, our after-sales support is second to none. We have a 99.9% approval rating on our Google My Business reviews! That level of customer service, which includes after-sales service, is what we make our living on. Every issue, request, or thanks land on the company president’s desk within 1 hour of being received. Thereafter it is resolved within 24 hours and the customers are kept in the loop during the entire process. When our customers want to know more about how to use a product they bought from us, we take the time to educate them which can be done over the phone, video call or we will make a video and upload it to them. Thereafter the obvious need for the training is recognized, the marketing department makes a training video which is uploaded onto our YouTube channel and a reference to video is added to the product page for future customer requests. Finally, for every piece of feedback that we may get, we treat it as if 100 people experienced the same thing which allows us to act aggressively to get to the bottom of an issue to have it resolved. We do this to instill trust in our brand, and show our customers that they mean the world to us, without them we won’t have what we have!

7. We stock the essentials

One of the products that we consider as an essential part of a cleaning toolbox so to speak is disinfecting wipes. Prior to disinfecting a surface, we have to clean it first with a cleaning agent followed by using a disinfectant. In many cases, this will still be a requirement but it isn’t the only one anymore! Wipes have the ability to absorb debris or residuous foreign matter followed by trailing with a disinfectant. You see, the substrate that the wipe is made of applies mechanical action to the surface when wiping which forces debris off of the surface onto the substrate through pressure. The disinfectant does its job to disinfect the surface that has been cleaned. Although that seems commonplace nowadays, it surely wasn’t back in the day which is why Roxton started off stocking these amazing products. This is why we consider it to be an essential item in the cleaner’s toolbox. The second group of products we consider is Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is essential as people need to remember that you don’t just have to ingest chemicals to have it enter your system, you simply need to absorb it through your skin, eyes, or nose. Chemistry is exciting and fun to watch, it makes us think back to the good old days in chemistry class where we were taught to ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PPE. Chemistry is complex and not a subject many of us are too knowledgeable about, if we were we may have taken wearing PPE even more seriously. Here at Roxton, we stock PPE not because we’re trying to sell you PPE but because we want to protect you, we want to keep you safe and thus we encourage all of our customers to use PPE.

Give us a call or send us an email, whatever your preference, we’re here to service you!

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Yesterday’s Songs / Orbit 8 (Orbit, volume 8) Edited by Damon Knight

1970’s Orbit 8 is the eighth volume in Damon Knight’s Orbit science fiction anthology series. 

Alas, even Jove nods. This anthology is a bit of a dud, especially in contrast to Orbits 6 and 7.

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