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Global News: Kitchener

Knights top Leafs to snap Toronto’s win streak

Sheldon Keefe wasn't around to see the conclusion of his team's win streak.

CTV News Kitchener

Calls to convert prison into urban park

A Guelph, Ont. group wants to see a more than 100-year-old prison property transformed into an urban park. Tyler Kelaher explains.

CTV News Kitchener

Residents demand encampment cleanup

A Waterloo encampment, that looks more like a landfill. Jeff Pickel has more on the push to clean it up.

CTV News Kitchener

Chief Chat: Demonstration turns violent

Alexandra Pinto talks to WRPS Chief Mark Crowell about a recent robbery and other recent incidents.

CTV News Kitchener

Special weather statement

Wild weather is on its way on Wednesday. CTV’s Will Aiello has the region’s forecast.

CTV News Kitchener

Potato Night is no more

The Kitchener Rangers are making a big change to their Don Cameron Potato Night fundraiser. Daryl Morris has the update.

CTV News Kitchener

Hungry being turned away from food banks

There's increased demand on food banks and some charities are dealing with long waitlists. Stefanie Davis has the details.

CTV News Kitchener

What sparked the restorative justice movement?

Spencer Turcotte tells us how a drunken vandalism spree in Elmira, Ont. changed the Canadian justice system 50 years ago.

CTV News Kitchener

Vigil for man shot by police

A vigil has been planned for a 31-year-old man who was shot and killed by Waterloo Regional Police. Ashley Bacon reports.

CTV News Kitchener

Weather putting a damper on winter sports

While some are welcoming the warmer winter, others miss this favourite winter activities. Colton Wiens has more.

Global News: Kitchener

Why thousands of rural Ontarians may be at risk of losing their doctor

Roughly 10,000 patients in rural Ontario could lose their doctor due to a provincial funding decision that splits a small town into haves and have-nots, a clinic director warns.

CTV News Kitchener

Timelapse: Storm passes over Toronto

Watch a timelapse view from Toronto Island Park as a winter thunderstorm rolled over the city on Feb. 27, 2024.

Wellington Advertiser

Ceremonial tree tapping symbolizes start of maple syrup season

BRESLAU – Sap began running quickly at Snyder Farms on Feb. 23 for the Waterloo-Wellington Maple Syrup Producers and Elmira Maple Syrup Festival’s annual ceremonial tree tapping.

The plus-five-degree weather, which is ideal for maple season, made for a good turnout for the ceremony, announcement of this year’s Producer of the Year and pancake brunch.

Graham Snyder of Snyder Acres won Producer of the Year last year, the reason the tree tapping ceremony was held here.

“We move it around to different locations to showcase different people’s operations,” president of Waterloo Wellington Maple Syrup Producers Kevin Synder told the Advertiser.

Kevin is cousins with Graham and taps maple around the corner at Snyder Heritage Farms.

“Maple season is here and the sugar house is in full production,” Kevin said.

Maple season typically runs four to five weeks, and the warmer weather results in an earlier maple season for most.

Some producers, like Snyder Acres, began tapping even earlier at end of January.

Chris, left, and David Wagler from Wagler Maple Products began cooking up some sausage before the ceremony to be ready for the hungry visitors. Photo by Nicole Beswitherick

Seasons changing

“The last couple of years, the season hasn’t been typical. If we’d had this conversation 10 years ago and said you’re going to make a lot of maple syrup in February, everybody would have thought you’re crazy,” Kevin explained.

“But again, it’s all dictated by Mother Nature. When she gives us the conditions to run, which is plus-five or minus-five at nighttime,” that is when it is best to begin tapping trees.

Cold nights below freezing with warm, sunny days around five degrees is ideal to have the sap flow back into little fibres inside the tree.

It also creates a certain amount of pressure to keep the maple syrup tasting how it is supposed to.

Local producers

Andrew McNamara is a Canadian bush pilot who in recent years has started up a maple production called Setting North, located just outside of Belwood.

McNamara started out with 30 taps six years ago, and has now grown to tap 600 maple trees on his property – and he hopes to expand more throughout the years.

He was unable to attend the tapping ceremony this year due to an early start in maple production.

“I [first] tapped on Family Day weekend,” he said.

“The sap was running quite a bit… I was actually boiling on Friday during the ceremony, otherwise I would have been there.”

He explained maple season typically begins a week before or a week after the first tapping ceremony, more or less, but ends once the trees start budding or “when the frogs start singing.

“Realistically, it’s [over] when the syrup starts tasting buddy, which is just kind of an off-taste.”

Two gentlemen from the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival (red coats) announced this year’s winner of Producer of the Year to Maple Tap Farms. Photo by Nicole Beswitherick

End of the ceremony

There were several producers unable to make the event because of the early season, but there were still many attendees waiting to enjoy the pancake brunch.

Toward the end of the ceremony, Waterloo Region chair Karen Redman took the floor to say “we should all forget Wiarton Willie… and we now know it’s spring because the maple syrup is running.”

Producer of the Year was then announced by members of the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, and awarded to Maple Tap Farms based out of Elmira; runner up was Snyder Acres.

The 60th annual Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is set to begin on April 6 at 7am. More information can be found at elmiramaplesyrupfestival.com.

To learn more about Waterloo Wellington Maple Syrup Producers, visit facebook.com/wwmspa.

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CTV News Kitchener

What to know about Wendy's surge pricing scheme

Wendy's is looking to test having the prices of its menu items in the U.S. fluctuate throughout the day.

Global News: Kitchener

Ontario university to remove vending machines due to facial recognition technology concerns

A southwestern Ontario university says it will be getting rid of more than two dozen vending machines after students raised concerns about facial recognition technology.

Global News: Kitchener

Toronto cops admit misconduct for arrest, using stun gun on Black man in case of ‘mistaken identity’

The case, his family says, highlights the disproportionate use of force levelled against Black people and ongoing racial profiling by Toronto’s police force.

Global News: Kitchener

Older man tries to lure children with candy in Waterloo: police

A man tried to lure children with candy in Waterloo, Ont., late Monday afternoon, according to Waterloo regional police.

Global News: Kitchener

Manoah struggles in first pre-season start

Toronto Blue Jays right-hander Alek Manoah allowed four earned runs over 1 2/3 innings in his first start of the pre-season Tuesday afternoon against the Detroit Tigers.

CTV News Kitchener

Will Aiello tests out his snowboarding skills

Our Will Aiello is back on the slopes at Chicopee, getting a snowboarding lesson in carving and balancing on his edges.

Global News: Kitchener

Radar tracking device stolen from light pole in Kitchener, police say

Police say that a Northline Black Cat Radar device that had been installed near David Bergey Drive and Activa Avenue went missing sometime between Feb. 16 and Monday.

Global News: Kitchener

Immigration minister calls Ontario’s international student claims ‘garbage’

The federal government has responded to a growing series of attacks from Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his ministers over the imposition of a cap on international students.

Global News: Kitchener

United Way raises millions as Better is Possible campaign wraps up

The 2023 campaign raised $2.54 million, falling just short of the $2.6 million raised in 2022.

Global News: Kitchener

Ontario town backs scrapped LCBO pilot program to scan IDs

The Ford government swiftly cancelled a pilot that would have required ID at the entrances of some LCBO stores. Now, one Ontario town says the program was needed.

Global News: Kitchener

Homebuyers must save decades before buying in Ontario’s largest cities: report

A study says gaps in saving timelines between singles and couples seeking to buy a starter home are getting larger across Ontario, particularly in pricier markets.

CTV News Kitchener

Ron Johnston on changes to CKCO newsroom

Ron Johnston spoke with Alexandra Pinto about all the changes he experienced during his time at CKCO (CTV Kitchener).

CTV News Kitchener

Ford 'tripling down' over judicial appointments

Premier Doug Ford says he is not backing down on the decision to appoint former staffers to a panel that selects provincial judges.

CTV News Kitchener

Rosie Del Campo reflects on her career at CTV

Rosie Del Campo shares her most memorable moments working at CTV News Kitchener.

Global News: Kitchener

Son of Blue Jays reliever Erik Swanson hit by car, in critical condition in hospital

Toronto Blue Jays reliever Erik Swanson has left the team to be with his family after his son, Toby, suffered serious injuries after he was hit by a car on Sunday.

CTV News Kitchener

Canadian food programs forced to turn people away

Second Harvest CEO Lori Nikkel comments on 36 per cent of non-profit food programs being forced to turn people away due to high demand.

Global News: Kitchener

One arrest made in connection with Pokémon card theft in Guelph

Guelph police say one person remains outstanding after a man of turned himself in on Friday after two people stole hundreds of dollars in Pokémon cards earlier this month.

Global News: Kitchener

Drugs, cash seized after stolen vehicle located in Guelph’s southend

Guelph police say they've made a pair of arrests on Monday afternoon after a man and a woman were seen getting inside of a stolen 2020 Nissan. Officers seized drugs and cash.

CTV News Kitchener

WATCH: Police rescue woman from overturned car

Texas police rescue a woman trapped in her overturned car after it veered off a bridge.

CTV News Kitchener

WATCH: Man rescued after driving car off cliff

A man was rescued from sea after driving his rental car off Hawaii’s South Point Cliffs.

CTV News Kitchener

Mosquitoes swarm streets of Buenos Aires

Heavy rainfall in Buenos Aires caused an invasion of hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes throughout the streets.

Global News: Kitchener

University of Guelph initiative raises $2.5 million for female student athletes

The initiative has raised $2.5 million for female student athletes. It's also created policy changes and raised awareness since it launched in 2018 at the University of Guelph.

CTV News Kitchener

Slowing down for safer streets

The City of Waterloo will continue reducing and monitoring speed limits as part of a speed management project.

Global News: Kitchener

Ontario euthanizes 84 raccoons and accuses rehab centre of mistreating animals

Ontario has euthanized 84 raccoons and laid dozens of charges against a wildlife rehabilitation centre it accuses of allowing animals to suffer with no real hope of recovery

Global News: Kitchener

Online buying and selling: Most in Ontario say they’re anxious about meet ups

A new report suggests the majority of Ontario residents are uncomfortable meeting up in person for buying or selling items through Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji due to scams.

Global News: Kitchener

Ford shut down internal push to raise university, college tuition: Docs

Internal documents obtained by Global News show the minister in charge of universities and colleges was ready to raise tuition fees before Premier Doug Ford shut the plan down.

UW Imprint

Ontario government announces $1.3 billion in funding for universities and colleges, extends tuition freeze

At a press conference hosted earlier today by minister of colleges and universities Jill Dunlop, it was announced that the Ontario government will provide about $1.3 billion in funding to universities and colleges over the next three years, as well as extend the tuition fee freeze for in-province students until around 2027. 

The tuition freeze was first put in place for Ontario students by the Progressive Conservative government in 2019, and was accompanied by a 10 per cent reduction in tuition fees. Postsecondary schools will still have the ability to increase tuition by up to five per cent for Canadian students from other provinces. 

A UW spokesperson said that the institution would be looking closely at the details of the announcement to understand its implications. 

“We appreciate that the government has taken these first steps to address financial issues in our sector, however we remain concerned about long-term financial sustainability given the impact that many years of a frozen operating grant and frozen tuition rates have had on our institution,” they said.

The announcement did not specify how much each school would be allocated, though factors like total enrollment will be considered. 

“We thank the government for the investment announced today allowing the Advanced Research Computing Infrastructure, of which University of Waterloo is part, to continue to create broadly accessible advanced computing capacity for 36 key institutions, including other universities and hospitals,” the spokesperson continued.

The funding will go to capital repairs and equipment, STEM program costs, research and innovation, mental health supports, and a third-party review that will explore what actions institutions can take to drive long-term cost savings. 

The province is also introducing legislation that, if passed, would require universities and colleges to provide information to students about the cost for ancillary fees, textbooks, and other learning materials. 


CTV News Kitchener

Gas mixed with windshield washer fluid causes vehicles to break down: fuel analysis company

A fuel analysis company says it now knows the contaminant that was mixed with gas at a Guelph, Ont., gas station, causing dozens of vehicles to break down.

CTV News Kitchener

What caused contaminated fuel?

We now know what was in that tainted fuel sold at a Guelph gas station. Tyler Kelaher reports.

CTV News Kitchener

How a Toronto woman lost $340K to crypto scam

Natalya of Toronto says a story on YouTube prompted her to invest $340,000 into what turned out to be a cryptocurrency scam.

CTV News Kitchener

Protecting student safety

Video of vehicle driving around a school bus has been circulating online. Colton Wiens on a new pilot project to protect students.

CTV News Kitchener

Ont. colleges and university get $1.3B in funding

Why are colleges and universities getting more than a billion dollars from the province? Jeff Pickel breaks it down.

CTV News Kitchener

Seized plane at YKF

A former Flair plane is sitting on the tarmac at Waterloo Region's airport. Stefanie Davis tells us why.

CTV News Kitchener

Eritrean event turns violent

An Eritrean community event quickly escalated into violence in Woolwich Township. Hannah Schmidt has new details about that day.

Global News: Kitchener

Doug Ford reiterates plan for ‘like-minded judges’ on Ontario courts

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has doubled down on his comments about appointing "like-minded judges" in Ontario as backlash over his original comments continues.

CTV News Kitchener

Coffee roaster offers unique blends

Matter of Taste Coffee Roasters is always seeking that perfect flavour profile. They tell us why their bean blends are so special.

Global News: Kitchener

Man ignores warnings, loses more than $180,000 in cryptocurrency scam

Guelph police say a man in his 60s was warned by his bank about the scam but proceeded to send the money.